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Skies Above is the eighth short story of the Attack on Titan Anthology. It is written by Rhianna Pratchett and Ben Applegate, illustrated by Jorge Corona, colored by Jennifer Hickman, and lettered by Steve Wands.



Outside of a school, Miss Lyla Remus and her colleague Miss Rene Browning watch a butterfly flutter into the city from over the Walls, only to be caught by a hawk. The two head inside, meeting up with their fellow teacher Mr. Smith as he posts the grades for his class's current year. Lyla is surprised that his son Erwin is not at the top of the class, to which Mr. Smith says that he has to give his son something to aim for. He soon departs as Lyla and Rene enter their own classroom.

As Rene cleans the chalkboard, Lyla pulls at a sequence of trick books on their bookshelf, opening a hidden passageway to their secret workshop. Lyla pulls away a tarp, revealing an incomplete flying machine. Rene is impressed with their progress, suggesting that they should share their design with technical for a second opinion. Lyla objects, stating that in her ten years working for technical, they had only ever replicated previous machinery such as vertical maneuvering equipment and cannons rather than improving upon it. She suggests they should instead present their invention to them after testing it themselves. Rene worries over the safety of their invention, and Lyla reminds her of the possibilities their machine offers for their future. A knock is heard at the window as Alfie, Lyla's brother, arrives to inform them that his barn will be available for testing their invention, and Lyla thanks him.

The next day, Lyla and Rene notice a pair of Military Police officers, one of which Rene recognizes as Djel Sannes. The two hide from the MPs' sight, worrying that they have heard of their invention, and Rene decides to investigate. She finds Sannes and his fellow policeman at Mr. Smith's door, ordering him to come out. Rene asks Sannes about the situation, but Mr. Smith insists that everything is fine as the Military Police lead him away.

That night, Alfie delivers more items to Lyla at her request. When Rene arrives with the final pieces of their machine, they depart as Lyla closes their hidden workshop.

At Alfie's barn, Lyla reveals that she has modified their flying machine to fit two pilots, allowing for both her and Rene to fly over the Walls. Rene worries over the choice to leave, and Lyla assures her that she will not pressure her into any decision. Rene agrees to fly with Lyla, and she is overjoyed. The two share a kiss before bringing their flying machine outside. While preparing the machine, Lyla notices approaching soldiers and tells Rene to hurry into the flying machine. A short distance away, Sannes orders his policemen to arrest the two women. Lyla and Rene fly the machine forward towards the policemen, leaving the ground beneath them.

The MPs open fire at Lyla and Rene flying overhead, and the machine succeeds in staying in flight. Before Lyla can celebrate, Rene shows her that she has been hit by the MPs' gunfire and is bleeding out. Above them, cannon fire from the Garrison atop the Wall hits their flying machine, knocking Rene out of her seat. Lyla decides that they should land and run away, but Rene urges her to keep flying. Rene lets go of the machine, falling to the ground below. With closed eyes, Lyla begins to weep as the cannons continue to fire. When her eyes open, she is joined with Rene, and their souls fly freely over the Walls.

Sometime later, a journal of a Survey Corps squad leader tells of their findings seized from the Military Police Brigade first interior squad two weeks after the crowning of Queen Historia Reiss. The squad leader states that the police had not only repressed human technology, but had crushed those who represented the best of human spirit. The squad leader goes on to say that humanity's self-destruction must end for the sake of those who came before, those born with the right thoughts in the right place but at the wrong time.

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