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Sorum Humé (ソルム・ヒューメ Sorumu Hyūme?, also spelled as Solm Hume in the Vertical translation of the light novel) was a member of the Survey Corps.


Sorum had short, dark spiky hair, and he wore the typical uniform of a Survey Corps member.


Sorum was a selfless individual who was open to discovery of the unknown. He was courageous and ultimately sacrificed himself for the greater good of humanity. Sorum also possessed tenacity and confidence.


Sorum grew up in an orphanage along with his two childhood friends Maria and Angel. He expressed to them both a desire to join the Survey Corps and expressed a curiosity about what the world looked like beyond the Walls. Sorum's desire would ultimately convince Maria to join the Garrison in order to secure their home from Titans, while Angel would become a craftsman in order to help ensure Sorum would return back home safely.

The Titan's Son arc

Sorum and Carlo find a baby

Sorum and Carlo discover an infant who survived getting eaten by a Titan

Sorum is first seen trying to seal the gate to Wall Maria with his friend and fellow Survey Corp member Carlo Pikale. Discovering the remains of some of the Titan's victims who were vomited up by the Titan, Sorum angrily curses it for the deaths caused during the attack.[1] As he leaves, Carlo calls Sorum over. Curious, Sorum approaches and witnesses the corpse of Elena Munsell starting to move. Sorum watches as Carlo use a sword and cuts open Elena's stomach, seeing a baby inside. Both men are stunned to see it and wonder if it was conceived by the Titan eating Elena; they subsequently name the infant "The Titan Child."[2]

Soon after, Sorum takes part of an expedition led by Jorge Pikale to capture a live Titan in order to learn how to kill them. He is among the soldiers who do multiple tests on the captured Titan at various points on its body; Sorum takes note that even with the loss of an entire limb, Titans can regenerate them almost instantaneously.[3] As they prepare explosives, Sorum is asked by Angel Aaltonen if the Titans have sexes or if there are differences between male and female pure Titans; he theorizes that due to the lack of sexual organs, Titans have no need to reproduce. After Angel draws a sword and repeatedly stabs the Titan due to his frustration over the failed tests, Sorum tackles him to the ground and tries to calm him.

Sorum saves Angel

Sorum buys some time for Angel and the other Survey Corp soldiers to escape

As word that Titans are approaching their position, Sorum notices a Titan appeared behind Angel and saves him. Then, both him and Angel notice that among the Titans is the one that attacked Shiganshina District. Sorum is directed by Jorge to get to Angel and take him back to the Wall;[4] as the two ride, Angel pushes his horse too far and Sorum turns around to retrieve him. Sorum buys some time for Angel and the others to get away, but is thrown into the air by the Titan; he ends up with a broken leg and unable to ride. Angel gets him on the horse as the two continue to ride back to the Wall.[5]

Sorum sacrifices himself

Sorum sacrifices himself to kill a Titan

Sorum notices that they are not catching up with the others and that the Titan is still close behind them. He asks Angel if he still has some bombs on him and Angel gives him one. Then, Sorum asks Angel to do him one more favor: to look after his wife Maria.[6] Before Angel can do anything, Sorum places the bomb in his mouth and rolls himself off the horse directly into the path of the Titan. The Titan picks him up and crushes Sorum's left arm and both of his legs, yet Sorum is still able to briefly escape and blind it. Weakened and near death, Sorum attaches his sword into the Titan's neck and thinks about Maria. After saying her name one last time, Sorum bites down on the bomb and causes it to explode, killing both him and the Titan.[7]

People Killed

  • Himself (self-sacrifice)


  • Sorum was the first human to successfully kill a Titan. However, when Jorge Pikale was unable to provide proof of this, Cardina Baumeister's father covered it up in order to shut down the Survey Corps.[8]