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Sorum Humé (ソルム・ヒューメ Sorumu Hyūme?, also spelled as Solm Hume in the Vertical translation of the light novel) was a member of the Survey Corps.


Sorum had short, dark spiky hair, and he wore the typical uniform of a Survey Corps member.


Sorum was a selfless individual who was open to discovery of the unknown. He was courageous and ultimately sacrificed himself for the greater good of humanity. Sorum also possessed tenacity and confidence.


Sorum is a member of the Survey Corps during the Before the Fall arc, set seventy years before Eren Yeager's time. He is also the fiance of Maria Carlstead. He, along with Carlo Pikale, were the first to discover Elena Munsell's infant son.

People Killed

  • Himself (self-sacrifice)


  • Sorum was the first human to successfully kill a Titan. However, when Jorge Pikale was unable to provide proof of this, Cardina Baumeister's father covered it up in order to shut down the Survey Corps.[1]



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