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The Special Operations Squad (特別作戦班 Tokubetsu Sakusen-han?), famously known as Squad Levi (リヴァイ班 Rivai-han?), is an elite squad of the Scout Regiment hand-picked by Captain Levi.[1]

The special operations squad consisted of some of the most elite soldiers in the Scout Regiment, having a total kill record exceeding 200,[1] and were capable of killing almost any Titan in their path. Due to their strong bond, they were able to synchronize with each other to coordinate their attacks without direct or verbal communication.[2] During the 57th Expedition, their mission was to protect Eren Jaeger from Titans, and their secret objective was to lure the Female Titan into a trap. The mission failed, and all members of the Special Operations Squad, except for Eren and Levi, were killed.

After the events of the supposed breach of Wall Rose and the massacre during Eren's rescue, Levi forms this squad anew with its members being the remaining soldiers of the 104th Cadet Corps Top 10 and Armin Arlelt in order to watch over Eren and Historia Reiss.[3]


Eve of the Counterattack arc

The individual members of the Special Operations Squad are all hand-picked by Levi himself, for their ability to act quickly, and make tough decisions.[1]

The 57th Exterior Scouting Mission arc

Eren halftransformed

The squad panics over Eren's unexpected transformation

The squad watches over Eren during his Titan transformation experiments in the days leading up to the 57th Exterior Scouting Mission. On one occasion, Eren partially transforms into a Titan while sitting down for a drink of tea. The squad reacts violently by threatening Eren, and telling him to prove he is not mankind enemy, all while Levi attempts to calm them down. After it becomes apparent that Eren had no ill-intent, his squad members apologize by biting their hands.[4]

On the expedition itself, the Special Operations Squad is assigned to the most secure position in the Long-Distance Enemy Scouting Formation, located in the center rear. Their duty is primarily to protect Eren and therefore, they do not plan to engage in the rest of the operation.[citation needed] When it becomes clear that the formation was compromised, the Special Operations Squad rides into the nearby Forest of Giant Trees with the rest of the central column.[5] The Female Titan emerges and gives chase to the squad, however Levi refuses to give the order to engage. When Eren considers disobeying this order, Levi tells him to make whichever decision he will regret less, convincing Eren to trust in his comrades, and continue riding forwards. After the Female Titan is captured, Levi separates to see to his own task, and the other squad members wait on standby in the trees.[4]

Special Operations Squad and Eren

Squad Levi discussing their plan

After they see the signal flare to return, they mistakenly believe the mission is successful and make plans to leave. During their departure, they think they see Levi returning to them, but it turns out to be an unexpected assailant. Gunther Schultz is killed by a disguised Annie Leonhart who then transforms.[6] The remaining members instruct Eren to escape, and engage the Titan. Despite an impressive coordinated attack, the Female Titan turns the tables and proceeds to kill the remaining members of Levi's original team, Petra Rall, Oruo Bozad, and Eld Gin. Eren transforms to kill the Female Titan in revenge, but is defeated,[2] and needs to be rescued by Levi.[7]

Clash of the Titans arc

Some time after the Wall Rose invasion, Captain Levi selects a number of Scout Regiment recruits to safeguard Eren Jaeger and Historia Reiss in an isolated forest cabin. The recruits bring supplies to the hideout while Eren attempts to clean before Levi's arrival. When Levi arrives, his is dissatisfied with their cleaning.[3]