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The special target restraining weapon (対特定目標拘束兵器 Tai Tokutei Mokuhyō Kōsoku Heiki?) is a tool that is developed by the Survey Corps for the purpose of capturing specific Titans.


The design for the special target restraining weapon was derived from the developmental discoveries associated with the hand cannon firearm.[1] Each barrel has seven steel tubes, each of which has coiled wires with arrowheads at both ends. Due to 6 barrels being deployed in a normal set it only takes a few stacks to stop even a fifteen meter class from moving and only 5 or 6 stacks to make it completely immobilized. Due to the exact design of the hooks, as the Titan regenerates, the hooks become lodged more securely.[2]


The Female Titan arc

This tool was deployed in order to apprehend and immobilize the Female Titan inside the Titan Forest, after Levi and his squad had led it into the trap.[3] However, the host inside the Female Titan was able to escape in her human form by summoning a swarm of Titans with her scream to devour her Titan body.[4]

Anime and Manga Differences

In Episode 24 of the anime, the special target restraining weapon was again used to immobilize the Female Titan in the Stohess District after Jean and Armin lure Annie away from a severely injured Eren. Hange declares that this was a Plan C devised by Erwin to ensure the Female Titan's capture, but this tactic is also unsuccessful as the Female Titan is able to kick the weapons and dislodge the hooks, escaping from the trap.[5] This backup plan is absent in the manga.



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