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Spine-chiller! Titan Junior High School (怪談!巨人中学校 Kaidan! Kyojin Chūgakkō?) is the 8th episode of the 1st season and the 8th episode overall of the Attack on Titan: Junior High anime, produced by Production I.G.


After the race of the last day, Hange and the other upperclassmen challenge Eren's class to a test of courage. That night they arrive at school, where Hange and Levi explain the rules: they must visit the art, music, and science rooms and write their names on the blackboard. The class splits into two groups and head out, encountering various ghostly apparitions said to be the "Seven Wonders of Attack Junior High"; there is a rumor that anyone who sees all seven will be cursed with misfortune. Finally reaching the gym, they find that the ghosts were in fact a prank orchestrated by the upperclassmen. Erwin Smith, the club's advisor, reveals that one spirit, the woman with black hair whom Christa encountered, was in fact a real ghost.


Hange spoke to the first years of the Scout Regiment about doing the test of courage because of them previously 'picking a fight' with their upperclassmen the day before. The first years were very surprised to hear about this event.

During the night, Eren expressed how he felt the school was a completely different place in the night than it was in the day. After Armin muttered about being afraid of the dark Eren told him he gets scared really easily, but Eren was also very scared.

Erwin appeared behind Eren and asked him what he sees, scaring Eren in the process. Erwin then introduced himself as the advisor for the Attack Junior High Scout Regiment. Hange said it was thanks to Erwin that they were allowed access to the school after dark, even though all he did was lend them the key.

Hange then revealed the groups. She said Eren, Jean, Mikasa, Conny, and Armin would be the group to begin at the stairs on the right of the school building, and that Ymir, Christa, Sasha, Reiner, and Bertholdt would be on the left. Levi told them that all they had to do was visit the art room, music room then science room (in that order) and write their names on the chalkboard, adding that the rules were so simple that even a child would have no difficulty following them. Petra explained that everyone should meet in the gym afterwards. Eren complained about having to go before the upperclassmen, and Jean asked if he is scared. Eren denied this, and Jean claimed that not being scared is something they both had in common, but both Eren and Jean were feeling nervous.

Sasha's team left before Eren's team, as no one on that team was very scared about the test. Eren's team began shortly after, and Eren and Jean bickered while Armin whimpered about being afraid of the dark and stayed close to Mikasa.

When Eren's team arrived in the art room, they found that the other team had already written their names on the chalkboard. Jean and Eren argued about whose name went on the board before the other's until a disembodied laughter interrupted them. They looked at a Mona Lisa painting behind them and Armin mentioned the 'Seven Wonders of Attack Junior High', the first one being the 'Laughing Mona Lisa'. With this last line, the face on the painting morphed into a laughing face. The boys ran out of the classroom, terrified, while Mikasa remained unphased.

Meanwhile, Bertholdt and Reiner were waiting outside the bathroom. They saw the back of a ghostly figure at the bottom of the stairs, and went to investigate. There was another ghostly laugh and Reiner saw that there were suddenly loads more staircases leading up and down the school.

Sasha, Ymir, and Christa were in the bathroom during this. Ymir stated that one of the Seven Wonders related to the bathroom and then continued to say that if you knocked on one of the doors at night then someone would answer and then drag you inside. Christa got scared by this, but Ymir reassured her that it was nothing but a story. Ymir then knocked on the door and there was no response for a few seconds until a ghostly voice asked who is there. The girls then ran out of the bathroom in fear, with Ymir mistakenly carrying Sasha instead of Christa which led to Christa getting separated from them and lost in the school.

Eren and Armin's team ended up in the music classroom. Armin murmured something unintelligible, but the Mikasa translated what he was trying to say: If you see all of the Seven Wonders of Attack Junior High, you will be cursed. Afterward, they heard piano keys being played behind them. Armin said this was the Second Wonder of Attack Junior High: Beethoven's 5th Symphony played by the composer's ghost. In a panic, Conny, Jean, and Eren threw various instruments and other objects at the figure. When one of the instruments hit him in the head he bit his tongue (revealing that he is in fact Oruo). However, the sight of the blood scared Armin, Conny, Eren and Jean. Eren ran out of the classroom in fear, but as Mikasa was about to run after him she was held back by Jean, Conny and Armin, which resulted in Eren running off alone into the school.

Eren ended up at the top of a staircase between two mirrors. He realizes that the rest of his group got separated from him. As he looked in one of the mirrors he saw a ghostly figure floating behind him. He looked in the other mirror and saw the same figure. He told himself it was just his imagination until he saw the figure's face appear next to him. Mikasa then found him on the stairs and the group was reunited. Armin revealed that this could have been the third wonder of Attack Junior High: A cursed infinity mirror at the landing of the stairs on the second floor. He also said that if you make eye contact with the ghost that appears in the mirror you will be dragged into it. Eren then denied that he saw the ghost and ran downstairs, and the ghost appeared in the mirror after Mikasa, Armin, Conny and Jean had followed him.

Reiner and Bertholdt had been climbing up the many staircases they saw and Bertholdt asked if Reiner sensed anything weird, but Reiner told Bertholdt it was just his imagination. Bertholdt then continued to say that they had been climbing for at least half an hour, yet Reiner again stated that it was just Bertholdt's imagination.

Christa was then seen crying outside wondering where Ymir and Sasha were. A ghost snuck up behind her but stopped her plans to scare Christa when she saw how upset Christa is, instead she asked her what was wrong.

When Eren's group arrived in the science room they saw that there were no names on the chalkboard, so they deduced that they arrived before Ymir's group. Jean claimed how he thought it was weird that they had not passed each other then Armin suggested they might have fallen victim to the Dancing Human Figure and the Screaming Skeleton (which are the fourth and fifth wonders of Attack Junior High). Two models of titans snuck up behind Eren and Jean and began pulling their shirts; but both thought it was the other pulling their shirt until they turned around and saw the models behind them which caused them to run out of the classroom, where they saw Sasha chasing a distraught Ymir who was looking for Christa. Bertholdt told Reiner how the school only has three floors but he felt they have gone up several dozen floors since they began to climb.

Christa told the ghost about how she got separated from her friends and how she was scared. The ghost told Christa to act like a lady as she is very cute. Christa managed to stop crying. The ghost told Christa that she shouldn't walk around late at night at risk of becoming like the ghost. However, Christa revealed that she wouldn't mind becoming like the ghost and the ghost was shocked by this, and then told Christa she could stay as she is. Ymir then ran outside where Christa was sitting and the two reunited. When Christa tried to introduce Ymir to the ghost, she saw that the ghost was not there anymore. Eren's team saw them and joined Sasha, Ymir and Christa. However, none of them knew where Reiner and Bertholdt were. Then, Reiner and Bertholdt saw a huge boulder rolling down from the stairs they were attempting to climb. Eren and the others walked into the gymnasium only to see the sixth wonder of Attack Junior High- the Headless Dribbler. This was obviously Levi but the first years didn't realize.

The heads of the other wonders they encountered during the test of courage materialized in the air and threatened the first years, then ran around the gym chasing them. Eren frantically claimed he didn't see or hear any of the ghosts, figures or spirits they'd encountered. Jean told him he could see and hear them. Then there was a crash at the gymnasium wall and Reiner and Bertholdt ran in, being chased by a huge cannon.

Levi then got irritated by all the commotion and hit the cannon, causing it to fall on top of Oruo. Levi then landed on top of the cannon and reattached his head to his body, revealing his identity. The first years looked down and recognized Oruo underneath the cannon. They also realized that the ghosts and models they saw were Petra, Eld, and Gunther when they took off their costumes.They then realized that the entire thing was a prank played by the upperclassmen. Christa asks about the ghost she saw outside the school, but no one knew who she was talking about, revealing that she was an actual ghost and, in fact, the Seventh Wonder of the school.

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  • When Levi is disguised as the Headless Dribbling Ghost, his uniform heavily resembles Seijūrō Akashi's Rakuzan High basketball uniform from the manga and anime Kuroko no Basuke; the only differences being the word "Rakuzan" replaced by "Shingeki" and the neck lacking the darker tip. This is a nod to the fact that both characters are voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya in the original Japanese version of the animes.


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