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The Springer family (スプリンガー家 Supuringā-ke?) is a family from Ragako village. It is the family where Conny Springer hails from.


In year 847, Conny left the Ragako village to join the Military. His goal was to join the Military Police Brigade to make his mother proud and earn the respect of the villagers.[1]


The Struggle for Trost arc

In 850, Connie graduates then participates to the Battle of Trost District. Despite his fear of Titans and his want to please his mother, he eventually joins the Scout Regiment.[1]

Clash of the Titans arc

Connie and the Titan

Conny encounters a Titan on top of his house

That same year, Titans suddenly appear inside Wall Rose and Conny thus makes an unplanned return to his village and teams up with the Scout Regiment to make sure the villagers are fine. Once he arrives, he worriedly calls out for his family members. Eventually, Conny comes across his old house destroyed by a Titan laying on it.[2]



Connie Springer character image
Conny Springer


Political members


Ms. Springer anime profile
Ms. Springer



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