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The Stohess District (ストヘス区 Sutohesu-ku?) is the town located on the east edge of Wall Sina.


At some unknown point in the past, the construction of an underground city was startedbelow this district and others within Wall Sina, but the plan was abandoned during construction leaving unused tunnels below the city.[citation needed]


Assault on Stohess arc

The Stohess District is the prime location of the destruction caused by Annie Leonhart in her Titan Form, after Eren JaegerArmin ArleltMikasa Ackermann and the Scout Regiment expose her true identity. When a convoy takes Jean Kirschtein (who is disguised as Eren) to the Imperial Capital for judgment, this is but a ploy against Annie to expose her. After a fight between her and Eren, she is ultimately captured, but causes considerable damage to the District, including opening up a crack in the Wall, revealing the Titan inside it. Erwin Smith takes full responsibility of the destruction of the District.[citation needed]

When Mikasa Ackerman inspects this crack, the Titan's eyes follow her movements, proving that the Titan is indeed alive. At the instruction of Pastor Nick, the Scout Regiment quickly covers it with fabric to prevent the sunlight from awakening it. Hange Zoë takes a sample of Annie's Titan armor and discovers that it is identical to the Wall's composition, revealing that the Wall was made using the Wall Titans' hardening ability.[citation needed]



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