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Attack on Titan's manga and anime series are broken into several story arcs. The following are the arc names, a description of the arc's plot and the chapters and episodes they comprise.

Please note that none of the following arc names are canon.

Fall of Shiganshina arc

Fall of Shiganshina

The first story arc of the Attack on Titan series. The story begins as we venture into the walls of humanity and meet our main protagonists, Eren, Mikasa and Armin. However, a mysterious threat known as the Titans cause a daily threat and our heroes soon learn of their terror as the Colossus Titan breaks through the gate.

Manga Anime
Volume 1 Volume 1
Number of Chapters 2 Number of Episodes 2

104th Training Corps arc

104th Training Corps

The second story arc of the Attack on Titan series. After witnessing the horror of Titans, Eren, Mikasa and Armin decide to undergo a military training and enroll into the army as members of the 104th Training Corps. There, they get to know the rest of the trainees and slowly begin understanding the hardships of a soldier.

Manga Anime
Volume 4, 1 Volume 2
Number of Chapters 5 Number of Episodes 2

Battle of Trost District arc

Battle of Trost District

The third story arc of the Attack on Titan series. Shortly after their graduation, the members of the 104th Training Corps are thrown into a fight against the Titans as the Colossus Titans appears at Trost District and breaks through the wall. During the battle, Eren learns of the mysterious power deep inside him. Will he be able to use it to aid humanity and make it the first victory against the Titans?

Manga Anime
Volume 1-4 Volume 3-5
Number of Chapters 13 Number of Episodes 9

The Female Titan arc

The Female Titan arc

The fourth story arc of the Attack on Titan series. After the battle, Eren is assigned to the Levi Squad as a member of the Survey Corps. Along with some of his friends, he gets ready for an upcoming expedition. However, beyond the walls, there is an unpredictable danger awaiting our heroes.

Manga Anime
Volume 5-8 Volume 6-9
Number of Chapters 16 Number of Episodes 12

Clash of the Titans arc

Clash of the Titans

The fifth story arc of the Attack on Titan series. Suddenly, a group of Titans appears inside the wall, signalizing a possible breach of Wall Rose. The members of the 104th Training Corps find themselves in a bloody fight against those mysterious Titans, however, unbeknownst to them, there is a danger lurking within the group, one that Eren and others will have to face in a decisive battle.

Manga Anime
Volume 9-12 Volume
Number of Chapters 16 Number of Episodes

The Uprising arc

The Uprising

The sixth story arc of the Attack on Titan series. The situation inside the Walls becomes critical after the murder of Minister Nick and a subsequent attempt to kidnap Eren and Historia. Knowing that the king's actions greatly endanger humanity, Erwin begins his plan - the plan to overthrow the government!

Manga Anime
Volume 13-17 Volume
Number of Chapters 20 Number of Episodes

Return to Shiganshina arc

Return to Shiganshina

The seventh story arc of the Attack on Titan series. There is peace again within the Walls, and the Survey Corps prepare for a new expedition to Shiganshina. Thanks to Hange's new weapon, the hopes to retake the lost territory once and for all are stronger than ever. But at their old home, known and powerful enemies are awaiting and a fierce battle is coming.

Manga Anime
Volume 18-21+ Volume
Number of Chapters 14+ Number of Episodes

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