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Sweet Summer! Titan Junior High School (甘夏!巨人中学校 Amanatsu! Kyojin Chūgakkō?) is the 9th episode of the 1st season and the 9th episode overall of the Attack on Titan: Junior High, produced by Production I.G.


Bertholdt asks out Annie to the summer festival with Reiner, Christa, and Ymir. She is not interested but is forced to join in after her classmates all decide to go. On the rooftop, Reiner urges Bertholdt to tell Annie how he really feels about her. On the day of the summer festival, Reiner puts together three operations in plan to get Annie to fall in love with Bertholdt but fails. In the third operation, shaved ice is almost spilled on Annie but Bertholdt rushes towards her in time only to get himself soaked. After he washes himself, he heads towards a die-cutting stall out of interest while the group tries desperately to find him. Only Annie seems to know where he is and the owner of the die-cutting stall gives Bertholdt two masks thinking that Bertholdt and Annie are dating. Bertholdt blushes hard and tells him otherwise. The two sit on a bench at the area where the entire group is supposed to meet. Sasha is about to call out to them but Reiner and Ymir hold her back. In the end, Bertholdt seems to confess his feelings towards Annie under the cover of fireworks, and she replies with a 'yes'. Just then, the group eavesdropping fall out of the bushes. Reiner and Ymir congratulate Bertholdt and Annie. Bertholdt actually asked Annie to go die-cutting with him, much to Reiner and Ymir's disappointment. While they are die-cutting, fireworks appear in the sky and everyone is in awe.


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