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Deviant Type Titan No Regrets Part 2-60px The subject of this article is non-canon and therefore not considered part of the main storyline.

Takanami (高波 Takanami?) was a soldier who appeared in Attack on Titan 0, the draft story written by Hajime Isayama which would later evolve into Attack on Titan.


Takanami had short blond hair, and could usually be seen with a serious look or scowl on his face.


One of the biggest traits of Takanami is his fear for Titans. He accused Murakumo because of fear and he order to retreat after he saw the Titans transforming. He claimed that mankind could not win against the Titan.[2]

After he saw Murakumo fight against the Titans, he changed his mind and decided to fight. He gained self confidence became ready to fight the Titans.[3]


Suspecting Murakumo of being a Titan, Takanami informs of the 5th unit of his suspicions, and sends Murakumo into town where he and the 5th unit ambush Murakumo.[4] He attempts to talk Murakumo down, but is alarmed when Murakumo suddenly attacks one of the members of the 5th unit.[5] Murakumo reveals that the man is a Titan in disguise, prompting the rest of the unit to transform into Titans, to Takanami's horror.[6]

He and Murakumo retreat to the nearby rooftops, where Takanami is horrified to learn that Murakumo intends to fight the Titans. Although he attempts to convince Murakumo to abandon the town, as he does not think that mankind can win against Titans, Murakumo attacks the Titans on his own to save a young girl.[7] Watching Murakumo risk his life, Takanami remembers all those who died because of the Titans, and, enraged, joins Murakumo in attacking.[8] Upon defeating one of the Titans, Takanami marvels at the fact that the training he had gone through had served a purpose, and that it is possible to defeat the Titans.[9] Thrilled with himself for killing a Titan, Takanami begins to brazenly taunt the Titan that is approaching Murakumo, claiming that he will kill them all. However, his joy is short lived, as the Titan leaps over Murakumo, ignoring him completely, and instead devours Takanami.[10]



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