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Taki is a squad leader in the Survey Corps. She is the protagonist of the short story "Live and Let Die" in the Attack on Titan Anthology.


Taki is a small young woman with brown eyes and long cherry brown hair. She wears the standard uniform of the Survey Corps with a white shirt underneath.


In an expedition beyond Wall Rose, Taki and her squad battle with Abnormal Titans as Commander Erwin leads a retreat through heavy rainfall. Much to her squad's surprise, the Titans appear to be herding them against the nearby cliffs. As she leads a counterattack, her squad mate Walker strays from the group and is eaten by a Titan with transparent flesh.

Taki attempts to strike at the Titan, but a bolt of lightning sends her flying off, away from the area. As she lies motionless against a tree branch, a mysterious stranger in tattered clothes nonchalantly asks her if she is dead.


  • According to Michael Avon Oeming, author and illustrator of "Live and Let Die," Taki was named after his wife Taki Soma, who added color to the artwork with Michael.[1]