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Tetsurō Araki (荒木 哲郎 Araki Tetsurō?) is a Japanese anime director who directed the Attack on Titan anime. He was born in Sayama City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan.

Araki is a graduate at Senshu University and works with Madhouse. His directorial debut was 2005's Otogi-Jūshi Akazukin. He is best known as the director of the Death Note anime adaptation. Araki, along with Death Note character designer Masaru Kitao, appeared at Anime Expo 2007.[1] Araki describes himself as being a huge fan of the Attack on Titan manga for a long time.[2]

Notable Works

Anime TV series

  • Galaxy Angel (2001–2004) - Episode Director, Storyboard Artist
  • Panyo Panyo Di Gi Charat (2001) - Episode Director (episodes 29-32, 45, 46, 48), Storyboard Artist (31, 45, 46)
  • Gungrave (2003) - Episode Director, Storyboard Artist
  • Di Gi Charat Nyo! (2003) - Episode Director, Storyboard Artist
  • Black Lagoon (2006) - Episode Director, Storyboard Artist
  • Death Note (2006–2007) - Director, Storyboard Artist, Key Animator (opening credits)
  • Kurozuka (2008) - Series Director, Series Composition
  • Aoi Bungaku Series (2009) - Director (episode 5-6)
  • Highschool of the Dead (2010) - Series Director
  • Guilty Crown (2011) - Series Director
  • Sword Art Online (2012) - Storyboard Artist (episode 23)
  • Attack on Titan (2013) - Series Director
  • Gundam Reconguitsta in G (2014) - Episode Director, Storyboard Artist (episode 10)
  • Attack on Titan Part 1: Guren no Yumiya (2014) - Series Director
  • Attack on Titan Part 2: Jiyuu no Tsubasa (2015) - Series Director
  • Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress (2016) - Series Director
  • Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Movie Part 1: Gathering Light (2016) - Series Director
  • Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Movie Part 2: Burning Life (2017) - Series Director
  • Attack on Titan Season 2 (2017) - Cheif Director


  • Otogi-Jūshi Akazukin (2005) - Director
  • Attack on Titan: No Regrets (2014-2015) - Director


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