This article is about the fifth story arc of the Attack on Titan anime. For the mission itself, see 57th Exterior Scouting Mission (Anime).

The 57th Exterior Scouting Mission arc (第57回壁外調査弧 Dai Gojū-Nana Kai Hekigai Chōsa ko?) is the fifth story arc of the Attack on Titan anime.


The Scout Regiment has set out from Calaneth District, heading for Shiganshina while evading what Titans they encounter. However, havoc falls upon Erwin Smith's formation when a Female Titan attacks the right flank, seemingly hell-bent on finding Eren Jaeger and taking him alive.


Picture Number Title Release date
17 Female Titan: The 57th Exterior Scouting Mission, Part 1
 (女型の巨人 Megata no Kyojin?)
August 3, 2013
Armin encounters the Female Titan Erwin's long distance enemy scouting formation proceeds towards Shiganshina as expected until Armin encounters a Female Titan. Joining Reiner and Jean, the three confront the Titan to buy the commander time.

Reiner comes close to death in the Female's grip, but narrowly escapes with his life. Afterwards, the Female Titan changes direction, heading for Eren's position in the formation.

Picture Number Title Release date
18 Forest of Giant Trees: The 57th Exterior Scouting Mission, Part 2
 (巨大樹の森 Kyodai-ju no Mori?)
August 10, 2013
The Forest of the Giant Trees The Female Titan devastates the Scout Regiment in search for Eren, killing any soldier it comes across. Meanwhile, Commander Erwin redirects the formation into the Forest of Giant Trees.

When Squad Levi enters the forest, they soon encounter the Female Titan. The squad begins to panic, asking Captain Levi for orders, though Levi seems level-headed in the dire situation.

Picture Number Title Release date
19 Bite: The 57th Exterior Scouting Mission, Part 3
 (嚙みつく Kamitsuku?)
August 17, 2013
Levi defends Eren While Squad Levi flees the Female Titan in the forest, Eren thinks back to the days when Hange experimented with his Titan abilities and his squad's trust in him was tested. Placing his faith in his comrades, he agrees to follow Captain Levi's orders to advance without confronting the Titan.

The chase comes to an abrupt halt when the Female Titan runs right into Commander Erwin's trap, where it is caught with weaponized restraints. As the squad recovers, Levi joins the commander to discover the identity of the Female Titan.

Picture Number Title Release date
20 Erwin Smith: The 57th Exterior Scouting Mission, Part 4
 (エルヴィン・スミス Eruvin Sumisu?)
August 24, 2013
Erwin's order The Scouts worry over the thought of Titan spies in their midst as Commander Erwin makes attempts to extract the Female Titan's human form. However, the Female Titan uses a scream to attract nearby Titans which devour its body.

Erwin worries that the human pilot has escaped in the steam. When the Scouts are ordered to retreat, a cloaked figure approaches Squad Levi in the air, killing Gunther.

Picture Number Title Release date
21 Crushing Blow: The 57th Exterior Scouting Mission, Part 5
 (鉄槌 Tettsui?)
August 31, 2013
Eren battles the Female Titan Trusting in the abilities of his comrades, Eren retreats as Squad Levi attacks a newly transformed Female Titan. However, its abilities catch the Scouts off-guard before all are killed one by one. In a rage, Eren transforms into his Titan form to battle the monster himself.

Eren relentlessly assaults the Female Titan, but eventually he is defeated as Mikasa comes to his aid. Biting Eren out of his Titan's nape, the Female Titan retreats while Mikasa pursues it. Levi arrives afterwards, joining Mikasa to pursue the Titan from a distance.

Picture Number Title Release date
22 The Defeated: The 57th Exterior Scouting Mission, Part 6
 (敗者達 Haisha-tachi?)
September 7, 2013
The Survey Corps is back Mikasa and Captain Levi pursue the Female Titan, deciding to rescue Eren and join in the retreat. Levi quickly overpowers the Female and rescues Eren, though he is injured in the process.

The retreating Scouts are pursued by Titans, leading them to reluctantly toss the corpses of their dead from the carriages. Returning to Calaneth in bitter defeat, the Scouts are later ordered to transport Eren to the capital.


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