• Lets talk about-MIKASA!

    My thoughts on her to start off-

    She has a good amount of character development when you learn about her past, and how she met Eren.

    She is one of the only characters that can remain calm under pressure, and I admire that in a TV character.

    I love how much she tries to protect Eren, no matter how he treats her and no matter how tough it can be.

    All right, those Are My thoughts about this great character. :D

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    • Hello meh sister!Hiiiillloo!!

      Poor Mikassa,She doesn't have a sister as GREAT as me.....:D


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    • not to mention she is number one waifu tho if this erikasa fandom continues another erza incident will break out and... yeah people wont have their loving mikasa to sleep to anymore. come to think of it i need to really finish the heartbreaker quarentines quick

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    • GASP

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    • Mikasa,

      Somehow the most damaged character in the show and the strongest. While I want her to get with Eren he is just not seeing her worth and she is worth all within the walls of Maria and then some. It is a classic case of creating a ridiculously strong female character but making her weakness "the comfort of an oblivious man". 

      What is the answer? Let her move on and just be a badass! After that let that fool realize what he lost out on and come running up to kiss her 3D Gear.


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