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Can someone explain why would Eren eating Historia be a good idea?

  • I'm re-reading the manga and I still can't figure out why should he do that? What's the benefit of Eren eating Historia?

    Also, was it that when he made phisical contact with his step-mom(the titan that ate his actual mum) that he gained more power and could act as a coordinate?

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    • The eating Historia thing was translation error.

      Eren came to the conclusion that he needed physical contact with a Reiss to make the coordinate work.

      The problem is that said Reiss has to be a Titan.

      I believe that is more plausible that Historia might eat Annie so she won't be a mindless titan if they decide to go with that route.

      ....I will be really sad if that happenes....

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    • The best idea : historia gets female titan, eren, armin and historia team up as titans, mikasa and Levi use their odm, it would be deadly.... though the sad thing is that now the Marley would be having odm, so odm attack by Elida would be expected. When armin eren and historia team up, eren could hold historias titans hand and use the power....

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    • I had never considered the possibility of Historia getting Annie's powers.

      I suppose that's a possibility if Annie were to get out of her crystal but doesn't fight alongside them.

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