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This soldier, Thunder Spear soldier A (雷槍の兵士A Raisō no Heishi A?), was a member of the Survey Corps.


He was a man with thin, slicked-back hair. He could be seen wearing the standard Survey Corps uniform, with attached Thunder Spears in battle.


Return to Shiganshina arc

When Eren Yeager creates an opportunity in his battle with the Armored Titan, the Thunder Spear soldiers surround Reiner and strips the armor from his nape, finishing him off.[1] When a barrel flies over the wall the soldiers flee the area, but when it does not explode Hange Zoë orders the soldier's group to go and finish off Reiner. After arriving at the Armored Titan, they find it on its back. Unsure of what to do, the soldier is killed by the Colossus Titan's explosive transformation before he finds a solution.[2]