A timeline of all events from the Attack on Titan anime.

Historical events and story events preceded by "c." are approximations based on given information and are not to be considered exact dates, and may be subject to change as new information is given.


Year Event
743 Titans appear across the world for the first time in history, beginning a mass slaughter of the human race.[1] Through unknown means, countless Colossal Titans are gathered together to form three massive barriers by hardening their skin. The surviving remnants of humanity escape to these three barriers, the Walls Maria, Rose, and Sina.[2][3] Evidently, some human settlements survive beyond the Walls.[4][5]

Along with the majority race within the Walls, a clan from a place known as the "Orient" successfully enters into the Walls.[6]

c.780 A homeless girl from beyond the Walls is given the name "Ymir" by the leader of a cult, the "Subjects of Ymir." The girl joins the cult and becomes a figure of worship.[5]
784 A miner attempts to dig beneath Wall Sina to enter the interior, but after digging for some time he discovers an area below the ground where the Walls jut outward. After discussing his findings with a friend, the miner mysteriously disappears, and his friend disappears as well soon afterward.[7]
c.785 The Subjects of Ymir are found by the authorities. They are led through the streets in chains and are exiled a remote borderline where they are all turned into mindless Titans wandering the wilderness.[5]
c.830 Grisha Jaeger cures a devastating plague in Shiganshina District.[8]
835 Mikasa Ackermann is born to Mr. and Mrs. Ackermann, the latter being the last member of the Oriental clan.[6][9]

Eren Jaeger is born to Grisha and Carla Jaeger.[9]

844 Nicholas Lovof tasks Levi, Furlan Church, and Isabel Magnolia to find incriminating files on Lovof's business with Lang Company and to kill Erwin Smith, who carries the files. Erwin Smith encounters Levi in the Underground and offers to pardon his crimes if he joins the Scout Regiment.[10]

Commander Keith Sadies decides to finally implement Erwin Smith's scouting formation into the 23rd Exterior Scouting Mission. On this expedition, Furlan and Isabel are killed by an abnormal Titan. Erwin convinces Levi to fight for the Scout Regiment after Levi nearly takes Erwin's life.[11]

In her home, Mikasa Ackermann is abducted by human traffickers after her parents are killed. She is rescued by Eren Jaeger, who kills two of the traffickers. Mikasa manages to kill the third in a moment of fury. She is later taken in to the Jaeger family.[6]


Time Event
845 Grisha Jaeger travels to the interior, promising to show his son Eren the secret within his basement upon his return.[8]

A settlement beyond the Walls sends out four of their Warriors, Bertholdt Hoover, Reiner Braun, Annie Leonhart, and Marcel to destroy humanity and retrieve the "Coordinate."[12][5] Marcel is eaten by Ymir's Titan, and Ymir regains her humanity.[5]

Bertholdt as the Colossal Titan breaches the outer gate of Shiganshina District,[8] allowing Titans supposedly drawn in by Annie as the Female Titan to enter into the city and starting the fall of Wall Maria.[13] Carla Jaeger is eaten by a smiling Titan.[8] Reiner as the Armored Titan breaches the inner gate. Humanity is forced to retreat to Wall Rose. Eren Jaeger vows to exterminate the Titans.[2]

Grisha reunites with Eren and injects him with a serum which erases parts of his memory while also presumably giving him the ability to turn into a Titan. Grisha then disappears.[14]

The Reiss family proposes killing off Historia, an illegitimate child of the head of the family, to clear up the matter of inheritance. It is instead decided that she will live a humble life under the new name "Christa Lenz" in the Cadet Corps. Ymir overhears this news in a conversation between priests in the Order of the Walls, and she begins a search for Christa.[15][5]

846 The central government enacts a culling in the form of a Wall Maria reclamation operation, sending out 250,000 civilian troops, around twenty percent of the surviving human population. Less than two hundred return alive.[2]
847 The 104th Cadet Corps begins.[2]
848 During a wilderness training exercise, Christa Lenz is nearly captured by bandits. The cadets team up to take down her captors, and they successfully rescue Christa.[16]
849 On the 34th Exterior Scouting Mission, Ilse Langnar encounters a Titan who speaks of the "Subjects of Ymir" and "Lady Ymir." She attempts to communicate with the Titan but is eventually eaten.[17]

In order to settle an argument among cadets Jean Kirschtein and Sasha Braus, Garrison Commander Dot Pyxis hosts a cook-off. Sasha presents cooked meat while Jean presents an omelette cooked by his mother, and Jean is declared the victor.[18]

Time Event - Year 850
Unknown Eren begins taking fighting lessons from Annie.[19]

Ilse Langnar's journal is recovered by Captain Levi and Section Commander Hange Zoë during the 49th Exterior Scouting Mission.[17]

One Day Before the Struggle for Trost The 104th Cadet Corps formally disbands after its completion.[19]
The Struggle for Trost The Scout Regiment's 56th Exterior Scouting Mission sets out in the early morning.[14] Bertholdt breaches the outer gate of Trost District and Titans enter the city.[19] Eren Jaeger is eaten by a Titan, but emerges in his Titan form and begins to slaughter many Titans.[20][14] Evacuation of the city is temporarily stopped due to a merchant's shipments, but Mikasa Ackermann persuades him to allow civilians through the inner gate first.[6] Cadet evacuation becomes difficult as the supply depot of gas is overrun by Titans, but with the help of Eren's Titan the depot is retaken and cadets evacuate.[21] Eren emerges from his exhausted Titan and is taken into the custody of the Garrison.[22] The Garrison technical crew creates a harpoon net to temporarily cluster the Titans around the north gate of the district, lessening casualties.[23]

The 56th Exterior Scouting Mission is ended prematurely when Commander Erwin Smith receives news that Trost District is under attack. The Scout Regiment retreats to assist the Trost military.[14]

Armin Arlelt vouches for Eren's life to Garrison Captain Kitz Woermann. Commander Dot Pyxis arrives in Trost and collaborates with Armin in a plan to take back Trost with Eren's Titan.[23] After announcing the operation plan to the soldiers of Trost, Eren accompanied by the Garrison elite soldiers travels to a boulder within the district in order to seal the breach.[24]

Eren's Titan temporarily loses control and incapacitates itself, but is revived when Armin speaks to Eren directly through the nape.[25] Using the boulder, Eren closes the breach and Trost District is saved. Eren's overuse of his Titan leaves him in a coma. The Scout Regiment returns to the district in the late afternoon and aids in retaking the city.[26]

Time After the Struggle for Trost Event - Year 850
One Day After nonstop cannon-fire, all but two Titans are eliminated from Trost District. The remaining two, later named Sawney and Beane, are taken into the Scout Regiment's custody for Hange Zoë's studies.[26]
Two Days The Garrison and Cadet Corps work to gather the bodies of fallen soldiers in the district to prevent a secondhand disaster epidemic. Jean Kirschtein finds Marco Bodt's corpse.[26]
Three Days Eren awakens from his coma. Erwin Smith and Levi tell Eren of what transpired after the struggle for Trost.[26]
Five Days Eren is held on trial before a military tribunal judged by Premier Dhalis Zachary. He is eventually given over to the custody of the Scout Regiment.[9]
Six Days Eren joins the Scout Regiment under the supervision of the Special Operations Squad, with whom he would later test his Titan abilities over the next month. Hange Zoë tells Eren of her experiments with Sawney and Beane.[27]
Seven Days Annie kills Sawney and Beane, later presenting Marco's ODM gear at an inspection to throw off suspicion.[28][29]

Twenty-one cadets of the 104th Cadet Corps join the Scout Regiment. Annie Leonhart joins the Military Police Regiment in Stohess District.[28]

Eight Days - One Month Under the supervision of the Special Operations Squad, Hange experiments with Eren's Titan abilities.[30]
One Month On the day before the 57th Exterior Scouting Mission, Annie distracts herself from her anxiety by searching for Carly Stratmann, the missing daughter of a Stohess merchant. Following leads related to the Stratmann family and Carly's records, she hears of her lover Kemper Boltz in a tavern in the poor parts of town. Investigating Kemper's residence, she comes across excessive amounts of coderoin along with a corpse beneath Kemper's bed.[31]

The Scout Regiment embarks on the 57th Exterior Scouting Mission out of Calaneth District. Annie disrupts the expedition as the Female Titan, invading the right flank of the expedition to search for Eren. After finding Armin and sparing his life, Armin, Reiner, and Jean attack her to stall for time on Eren's behalf,[13] but Reiner secretly informs her of Eren's true location in the expedition formation.[12]. She is nearly captured when Commander Erwin leads the Scouts into a Forest of Giant Trees with special target restraining weapons on standby.[30] Using her shriek to attract Titans to her[32], she escapes the Scouts' capture and kills four members of the Special Operations Squad. Eren Jaeger battles her in the Forest of Giant Trees and is defeated,[33] but he is rescued by Mikasa Ackermann and Captain Levi. The Scout Regiment retreats to Calaneth District and are ordered to surrender Eren to the capital.[34]

The Scout Regiment begins to suspect that Annie Leonhart is the Female Titan. Erwin Smith devises a plan to capture her in Stohess District.[35]

Time After the 57th Scouting Mission Event - Year 850
One Day Scout Regiment recruits from the 104th Cadet Corps are sent into Wall Rose under the supervision of Miche Zacharius.[36]
Two Days Invasion Sighted - Miche Zacharias sends out Tomas to warn Commander Erwin of the sighting of Titans that have inexplicably appeared within Wall Rose. He orders the Scout Regiment members under his command to warn the residents of Wall Rose. Mike encounters the Beast Titan, who speaks to him for a moment before he is killed by Titans.[36]

Unknown Time After Sighting - In Stohess District, the Scout Regiment attempts to quietly capture Annie Leonhart, but she transforms into a Titan.[29] Eren is unable to find the will to transform, and the Scouts battle the Female Titan until Eren is able to transform.[35] Eren's Titan fights Annie's Female Titan, causing great death destruction in the district. After failing to escape the district, Annie encases herself in a crystalline substance to avoid capture. Wall Sina is damaged in the battle, revealing a Titan in the Wall. Erwin Smith is brought before the Stohess District Mayor to answer for his actions. Pastor Nick is interrogated by Hange Zoë after the Wall Titan is concealed before the sunlight can hit it.[37][36]

Five Hours After Sighting - Sasha Braus rescues a small girl from a Titan in her village. She later reunites with her father, bringing news of the Titan sighting to the people of Wall Rose.[38]

Seven Hours After Sighting - Nanaba's west team begins to ride alongside Wall Rose to locate a breach.[3]

Eight Hours After Sighting - Commander Pyxis is informed in Trost District of the Titan sighting.[38]

Nine Hours After Sighting - Gelgar's south team arrives at Ragako, discovering the town is in ruins but is inexplicably absent of corpses or blood. Conny Springer finds an emaciated Titan on top of his house, who welcomes him home.

The Garrison 1st Division under the command of Captain Woermann and Rico Brzenska holds an eastern line of defense to prevent the spread of Titans.[3]

The Garrison counter-measures unit under the command of Captain Hannes investigates Wall Rose for any signs of a breach.[3]

Eleven Hours After Sighting - Scout Regiment teams led by Gelgar and Nanaba rest at Utgard Castle after running into each other, neither team having found any breach in the Wall. Titans arrive at the scene soon afterward. The Beast Titan passes by Utgard as it heads towards Wall Rose. The Scout Regiment veterans and recruits cooperate in dispatching as many Titans as possible throughout the night.[3][39]

Twelve Hours After Sighting - Erwin Smith is questioned by the Stohess District Mayor for his actions. After the meeting, Tomas arrives in Stohess and warns Erwin Smith of the Titan sighting. Scout Regiment members from the Stohess operation set out for Ehrmich District.[36]

Sixteen Hours After Sighting - The Stohess operatives arrive in Ehrmich District, bringing Pastor Nick along to persuade him to reveal information on the Walls.[3] They receive information that raises suspicions among the Scouts that Reiner and Bertholdt are in league with Annie Leonhart.[12]

Seventeen Hours After Sighting - The Stohess operatives head to Utgard Castle to begin their search for a breach.[3]

Three Days Twenty Hours After Sighting - The Beast Titan leaves Wall Rose as the Scouts at Utgard continues to battle with the Titans. After all the older soldiers are killed, Ymir transforms into a Titan to save the remaining recruits at Utgard.[39] The Stohess operatives arrive at Utgard shortly after the break of dawn, and Christa Lenz reveals her true identity as Historia Reiss.[15]

Twenty-eight Hours After Sighting - The Scout Regiment leaves the ruins of Utgard, heading to the summit of Wall Rose. They meet up with Hannes' Garrison squad, who reveals that there was no breach in Wall Rose after all. Reiner Braun and Bertholdt Hoover reveal their Titan identities and mission to Eren Jaeger. A battle ensues on Wall Rose.[12][40] Eren and Ymir are captured by Reiner and Bertolt, who escape to a forest of giant trees.[41] Eren attempts to get answers from Reiner and Bertholdt, but yields little results.[4]

Commander Erwin meets with Commander Pyxis in Trost to discuss the recent Titan invasion. The Military Police Regiment agrees to assist the Garrison and Scout Regiment in the investigation of Wall Rose. A messenger brings news to the commanders of Reiner and Bertholdt's identities as Titans.[41]

Five hours after the battle on Wall Rose, Commander Erwin reunites with the Scouts. They set out to rescue Eren and Ymir.[41] In a battle within Wall Maria, Eren is rescued by the Scout Regiment.[42] As he reunites with the Titan that killed his mother, he unleashes the Coordinate unknowingly after striking the Titan's hand, causing Titans to kill it and attack Reiner and Bertholdt. The surviving soldiers of the operation retreat to Wall Rose. Reiner and Bertholdt retreat to Shiganshina District with Ymir.[43]

Four Days to Ten Days Refugees from Wall Rose are sent to the underground city.[43]

Hange and recruit Conny Springer return to Ragako to investigate the mysterious event. They realize that the residents of Ragako were the Titans that had invaded Wall Rose.[43]

Wall Rose is declared Titan-free. Refugees from the underground are sent back to their homes after anarchy nearly breaks out.[43]

Selected recruits of the Scout Regiment are assigned as the new Special Operations Squad to safeguard Eren and Historia, relocating to an isolated cabin in the forest.[44]

Ten Days Erwin recovers from his injuries and is informed of the events that transpired during the past week.[43]

The Beast Titan arrives in Shiganshina District.[43]

Time After Erwin's Awakening Event - Year 850
Unknown Levi encounters Kenny, an old adversary, and the two battle in the city.[44]


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