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Tom (トム Tomu?) was one of the graduates from the 104th Training Corps.


Tom had a short crop of smooth black hair in an undercut. He was average height and wore the traditional trainee uniform.


Battle of Trost District arc

During the invasion of Trost in the year 850, he is part of the squad including Jean and Mikasa whose maneuvering equipments start to run out of propulsion fuel. He is present for Mikasa's inspirational speech to retake the Headquarters, and is rallied along with the other trainees to do so. However, he still faces the problem of dangerously low gas in his propulsion tanks. While on the ground, his fuel is finally depleted and he is surrounded by a group of Titans. Two of his team mates rush in to help him against Jean's orders, and are both killed as a direct result.[1] Tom's head is then bitten off by a Titan and he is devoured. Jean, who is in charge of the squad, capitalizes on this opportunity and uses him as bait to distract the Titans while the rest of the squad make their way back to the Headquarters to resupply.[2]



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