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Quote1 It was not a lie when I said I came here to see the hero's statue. Marley needs a Helos once more. Theo Magath... would you do me the honor of shaking this hand? Quote2
— Willy extends Magath an offer to save Marley[1]

Willy Tybur (ヴィリー・タイバー Virī Taibā?) is an Eldian noble living with the Tybur family in Marley. He is the current holder of the War Hammer Titan and the head of the Tybur family.[2]


Willy Tybur is a man of average stature and has the appearance of a well-groomed man, wearing an expensive, dark suit with a black tie, and smart black shoes. His hair is blond and straight, going down to shoulder length and styled over his right ear, but behind his left where it is shorter. He has a short beard styled as a goatee, with no mustache. His face is of an average length, with soft features, except a pronounced jawline, a relatively small nose, and dark eyes. Willy has thin eyebrows, appearing to be kept this way to fit in with his well-kept appearance. He appears to exude lots of confidence and charisma as he stands.


As befits a man of his status, Willy conducts himself in a very dignified manner, treating others with courtesy, as evidenced by his interactions with Magath. However, he also shows the propensity to joke around with others, as seen by his joking invitation for Magath to try to identify the holder of the War Hammer Titan among his family members. Willy also seems to be a naturally cautious person, going to great lengths to make sure that he and his family are kept out of the public's eye at all times, even going so far as to have the owner of the Warriors' headquarters removed prior to his visit.

Willy appears to be a somewhat honorable man, electing to allow the Marley government to act as it pleases without his input, including the subjugating of Eldian citizens, as a form of penance for his ancestors' brutal treatment of the Marleyan people during Eldia's reign. However, whether he feels this sentiment himself or if it was simply inherited from former holders of the War Hammer Titan is unclear.


As a child among nobility, Willy Tybur made friends with other children in foreign nations, such as Nambia.[3] At some point within the past thirteen years, Willy inherited the power of the War Hammer Titan.[4]


Marley arc

Due to concerns that the Eldian race has been put at risk with the world's growing technological advantage over the Titans, the Tybur family agrees to cooperate with Zeke Yeager and the Warriors and take action in the next mission against Paradis using the power of the Tybur family's War Hammer Titan.[5]

Willy and his family pay a visit to the Warriors' headquarters to speak with the program's head, Theo Magath, having the building's owner leave in the process to keep their appearances anonymous.

Willy discusses his family's history with Marley

Willy talking with Magath

Speaking with Magath privately, Willy claims that they came to see the statue of Marley's legendary warrior Helos, and is taken aback by Magath's snide comment that the hollow statue reflects Marley's spirit. Willy asks if it is true that Magath plans to revive the Marley conscription system, and Magath informs Willy that it is too late to change anything, as Marley's warlike nature is slowly leading the country to its destruction. Noting Magath's insinuation, Willy reveals that the Tyburs are the true rulers of Marley, and that they have been allowing the Marleyan government to act as it pleases as a form of penance for the country's suffering while under Eldian rule. Feeling guilty for his family's inaction, Willy tells Magath that he will reveal the family's secrets to the world at the upcoming festival, and entreats Magath to work with him.[6]
Willy makes a toast

Willy proclaims he will unveil information the following day

A month later, Willy meets up with Magath and congratulates him for his previous promotion to the rank of general after the latter hands him a small note. They have a conversation about the military and their country, during which Willy expresses his discomfort from the pressures of being forced to lead the nation.[7] That evening, he is present for the welcome party for ambassadors who have come to Liberio, politely saluting them and cheerfully greeting his childhood friends. After a Marleyan ambassador attempts to give an underwhelming welcoming speech, Willy takes his place, talking about Marley's history and the issues Titans have caused to the world. Claiming to understand the hatred the world feels for his fellow Eldians, Willy announces that he has devised a solution to the problem Eldians pose for the world, and promises to explain it to everyone during the festival the following day.[8]

People Killed


  • Willy comes from the Germanic name "Willahelm", with "Will" meaning desire and will and "helm" meaning helmet. The name "Tybur" appears to be a variant spelling of the name "Tiber", which is itself a variant of the Latin name "Tiberius". "Tiber" is also the English name of the river which runs through Rome and the third largest in Italy.
    • Willy's name also bears strong phonetic resemblance to "Vili", brother of Odin and who together slew the giant Ymir before the creation of the world.


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