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Quote1 I learned these facts the day I became head of the Tybur family. These facts send me reeling, as if the ground under me had begun to quake... and so I looked away from them. These hard-to-accept facts that said the Tybur family was nothing more than a bunch of petty thieves growing fat on unearned honor. Quote2
— Willy Tybur reveals the truth of his bloodline[1]

The Tybur family (タイバー家 Taibā-ke?) is a house of Eldian nobles living in Marley. They are highly respected as they are believed to be the first family to rebel against Karl Fritz and to fight to restore Marley in the Great Titan War.[2] Ms. Tybur is the current inheritor of the War Hammer Titan.


Before the Great Titan War, the Tybur family was presumably one of the several Eldian houses warring for control over the Nine Titans. By the time war had broken out between Eldia and the remnants of Marley, the Tybur family had possession of the War Hammer Titan. Opposed to King Karl Fritz, the Tybur family was the first of the Eldian houses to side with Marley in the war.[3] However, in truth, they collaborated with King Fritz to end the Eldian Empire due to the king's guilt over the atrocities caused by the Eldians toward the rest of humanity. With their aid, Marley gained the upper hand in the Great Titan War, acquiring the support of their Titan as well as that of the Colossus, Armor, Female, Beast, Jaws, and Cart Titans. During this time, the Tybur family and King Fritz created a fictional hero, Helos to give Marley something to be proud of after their victory over the Eldian.

In the aftermath of Marley's victory in the war, the Tybur family was praised for their support in the early fighting, and for their service, they were granted positions of high nobility as honorary Marleyans, permitted to live on luxurious estates whereas the remaining Eldian population was segregated into internment zones.[4][2] The Tybur family would keep their high status in society for the next century, swearing loyalty to Marley. However, despite their pledge, the Tybur family would not use their War Hammer Titan in conflicts with enemy nations during this century.[5]

For the Paradis Island Operation, the Warriors received intel from the Tybur family that the King in the Walls was bound to a "vow" to renounce war.[6]

At some point, Willy Tybur became head of the family, and at another, Ms. Tybur inherited the power of the War Hammer Titan.


Marley arc

In the aftermath of the Marley Mid-East War, Zeke Yeager grows concerned that the Eldian race has been put at risk with the world's growing technological advantage over the Titans. In order to gain the support of the viewing world for the next mission against Paradis, the Tybur family agrees to cooperate with the Warriors and take action using the power of the War Hammer Titan. Furthermore, the Tybur family makes preparations to hold a press conference in Liberio during an upcoming festival, where they plan to announce that the island of Paradis will be overtaken within one year.[7]

Later on, the family visit Liberio. During a meeting between Commander Magath and Willy Tybur, the latter reveals that his family controls the Marley government behind the curtain.[8]

Personal Guard

The Tybur family's personal guard

Tybur family's personal guards

The Tybur family employs an army of personal guards. In term of appearance, they wear elegant dress uniform consisting of a dark-shaded tunic and black cross-belts, completing with black cavalry boots and a white spiked helmet engraved with the family's ensemble. Each guardsman is armed with a rifle and a saber.

Guardsmen tasked to protect the family up close seem to be selected for their outstanding physique. When Magath and Koslow went to meet with Willy, they were brought in by a massive guardsman who is taller than the door frame.[9]

The personal guard is first seen when Magath visits the Tybur family in the Warrior unit headquarter in Liberio.





  • The name "Tybur" appears to be a variant spelling of the name "Tiber", which is itself a variant of the Latin name "Tiberius". "Tiber" is also the English name of the river which runs through Rome and the third largest in Italy.
  • The family's personal guards wear uniforms that resemble Prussian/German dress uniforms in the early 20th century. The spiked helmet is an obvious reference to the Pickelhaube.
  • There are inconsistencies on the height of the massive bodyguard in Chapter 97. In two panels he was shown to be taller than a door, but in another panel, he was shorter.