Under the Surface is the first short story of the Attack on Titan Anthology. It is written by Ray Fawkes and Scott Snyder, illustrated by Rafael Albuquerque, colored by John Rauch, and lettered by Steve Wands.


On top of a building in San Francisco, Dr. Price and his assistant discuss the riots in the city below as they await pickup from a helicopter. As they travel towards the ocean shore, police helicopters demand they get clear of police airspace. Gunfire from below hits Price's helicopter but Price urges the pilot to continue flying so that Price's assistant can film whales surfacing. Suddenly, several Colossus Titans emerge from underneath the water.


In San Francisco, the year 2030, the United States is racked with anarchy. After decades of mistreatment, the lower classes of the nation had risen up and begun a civil war against the police. Attempts had been made to keep the smaller rebellions as isolated incidents, but when the whales of the Pacific Ocean had begun to disappear, the anger of the people became uncontrollable.

San Francisco riots

Price and his assistant watch the riots

Looking over the city, Dr. Price informs his assistant of his plan to bring hope back to the people as they await pickup from a helicopter. His assistant is skeptical, suggesting that they should instead take the helicopter out of the city before matters become worse, but Price insists on his decision, and the two board the helicopter upon its arrival.

The helicopter flies them over the city as gunfire breaks out in a standoff between the rebels and the city police on the ground below. Police helicopters communicate with Price's helicopter, urging them to get clear of the combat, but Price's pilot insists that they are carrying press and flying clear. As the police helicopters return their attention to the riots, Price's helicopter heads towards the ocean shore.

The Titans get out of the ocean

The Titans get out of the ocean

Gunfire from below strikes their helicopter, and the pilot insists that they must land. Price urges him to keep to their course, expressing the importance of his need to bring hope to the people. The pilot and Price's assistant notice disturbances in the water, and Price orders his assistant to begin filming the return of the whales he picked up on his sonar system. As their helicopter continues to take damage, Price tells his cameraman to keep the camera on the movement in the water to catch the whales surfacing. The pilot panics as more gunfire hits their helicopter, and Price struggles with him to keep their current position. As the situation worsens, Price's assistant records the disturbances breaching the water's surface: not returning whales, but Colossus Titans making their way to the shore.

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