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The girl saved by Sasha (サシャに救われた少女 Sasha ni Sukuwa reta Shōjo?) is a civilian living within Wall Rose.


She is of average height with light hair. She is seen wearing a simple tunic.


Not much of her personality is seen as for the majority of her appearance she stays in a closed-off state due to the trauma she went through when Titans attacked her village.


Clash of the Titans arc

When Titans appear in Wall Rose, the village does not receive warning. When a Titan attacks the village, she and her mother are left behind, due to her mother having bad legs. As the Titan begins devouring her mother, the girl is left in a state of shock, and is unable to flee. She is rescued when Sasha Blouse arrives at the village and leads her away. However, Sasha's horse flees without them, and so they are forced to flee the Titan on foot. Sasha has the girl continue on alone so that she can stay and attempt to fend off the Titan.[2]

The girl eventually runs into a group of survivors from another village, and directs them to Sasha so they can aid her.[3]