**********NOT DONE YET! IN PROGRESS!!!!*************************

Shipping Is the new word, not 'matchmaking' (too long) or 'coupling' (sounds funny) or whatever else you humans want to call it!!! But it's fun, no matter what you call it!!! Yes, I know it sounds like you're 'shipping goods', (heh heh) but you're not! Let's just say you're...helping someone out! Yeah...let's go with that...

 Fans have shipped just about all the characters of every popular show, manga, anime, book, game, etc. But Shingeki no Kyojin was no exception. Here are some of my opinions in shipping, and some of the popular couples. 

Historia (Christa) Reiss
Krista-Chara Design
Jean Kirstein
Sasha Blouse Mikasa Ackerman
Mikasa Ackerman Armin Arlert

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