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    Attack on Avengers

    November 21, 2014 by 867428

    A parody version of Marvel's Avengers.

    Take a note: I do NOT own of this videos. These videos are belong to scarhunter92.

    Or just read in the main article:

    Read it at this website (same skin, and different. Titans and Humans are Homo-Sapien) :

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    Titans in Alternate Reality.

    November 2, 2014 by 867428

               Ten years ago, the meteor crashes the earth around Eurasia. Suddenly, Titans appear from nowhere during events. Their goals to devour humans, plants and animals. The U.N Biologist are examine the meteor to see what's made for. Unfortunately, the Titans devour them. However, U.N Goverments prepare for defend around the town. But thats not all, even too many Titans are advancing them. The Forces are attacking the Titans to save humanity. Sometimes later, the pedestrians took the TV news report about the town have overtaken by the Titans. Not only town, even, China, Korea, Russia, Germany and whole world have already overtaken. Three years later and eight years earlier, the U.N Goverments are making The Walls to prevent Titans from…

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  • 867428

    Attack on Titan, the stories is a full of spoiler and mankind's last hope in the wall.....

    So, what will guys faves Attack on Titan opening theme parodies ,  Attack on Titan Poster Parodies, Moe Titans (sooo many Titans have gone stupid in this image! Note: (This images contains Kawaii~~), Cleaning Levi, Attack on Titan Photo Fad AOT in real life , Attack on Titan Abridged (works by TeamFourStar but due copyright claims Production I.G), and Abridge on Titan (though claimed that thing. But, still exists in Abridg'd Comedy). 

    This is Animegraphy 2013, the colors of anime of all days. And (you) guys, watch the fun! ;)

    Attack on Titan is a manga and Kill La Kill is an anime, both of them are famous, and contains AWESOME!

    And here's the comparisons: …

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