Attack on Titan, the stories is a full of spoiler and mankind's last hope in the wall.....

So, what will guys faves Attack on Titan opening theme parodies ,  Attack on Titan Poster Parodies, Moe Titans (sooo many Titans have gone stupid in this image! Note: (This images contains Kawaii~~), Cleaning Levi, Attack on Titan Photo Fad AOT in real life , Attack on Titan Abridged (works by TeamFourStar but due copyright claims Production I.G), and Abridge on Titan (though claimed that thing. But, still exists in Abridg'd Comedy). 

This is Animegraphy 2013, the colors of anime of all days. And (you) guys, watch the fun! ;)

Attack on Kill La Kill?

Attack on Titan is a manga and Kill La Kill is an anime, both of them are famous, and contains AWESOME!

And here's the comparisons:

AOT vs. KLK comparison
Has an R-17 Rating Has an R-17 Rating (R-18 on Blu-ray)
Contains blood, gore, racism, politic, history, and world apocalypse Contains ecchi, fanservice, blood, yuri (lesbian), nudity (blu-ray), and world apocalypse 
Did not created from themselves and only posts the pilot chapter since 2006 in Shonen Jump Created from Gurren Lagann, Kazuki Nakashima
Titans and also Humans in 8th Century  Students, Extremists, Terrorists and also The Dictators in unkown century
Has a fairly darker and serious tone Has a gag comedic, fetish, and sexual intercourse
Main character (Eren) give a Titan Shifters after being injected serum by Grisha Yeager when he was a kid (in The Uprising arc.) Main character (Ryuuko) given the power of the black uniform (Senketsu) before fighting Satsuki

The most fanfiction what thy recently fanfic series such as Shingeki no Kyojin/進撃の巨人 and Kill la Kill/ キルラキル Crossovers and also Attack on Titan/進撃の巨人 and Kill la Kill/ キルラキル Crossovers (WARNING: NSFW) because they did it.

When Titans are advancing toward The Another World (X-overs) 

It is rumor what we believe those Titans are advancing toward real world during this year (2013 (Yeah, I know this guy was launced AoT anime. So, I'll choose this year is currently ongoing when AoT got season 2 (or moviecompilation) . This is why, Isayama got a new chapter.), but it's many  more differentfoods, swords,  giantssuperhumansoulsresonanceincantation, and everything

Fan-Made Titans?

There are lots of Fan-Made Titan (or unused Titan), but they've a HUGE explanation something, here goes:

  • Demonic Titan

This unused Titan's main trademark is that he possesses a "mask", one is located in his claws. The greedy head greatly resembles the unoffical name, Rogue Titan.

  • Poison Titan

This Titan was meant to be a plant-skin class.

  • Berserk Titan

This Titan was designed from a rhinoceros.

  • Hunter Titan (Note: this is the first words are reverse form Titan Hunter (this page doesn't exist).)

This dinosaur-like Titan was made of rock. It resembles the Tyrannosaurus-Rex.

  • Swimming Titan

This Titan, judging by it appereance, is made from sea weed (shark, dolphin, merman/mermaid, etc).

  • Flying Titan

This Titan is based on a falcon.

  • B.E.T.A (Being Extra-Terestrial Adversary) 

B.E.T.A, the evil Titan that was going to be the mid boss of the Attack on Titan series. It's fully body muscles, lightning speed, eat everything (humans, animals, woods, etc. (including Walls)) to gain their energy, jump further (as seen on chapter 0), yelling, using perfect attack (kick, punch, grab, ram, flip, etc.), and fire breath. This Titan are much stronger than Titan Shifters and can fight during night.

  • Super Mega Ultra Alpha Omega Hyper (after a while)...... Bigger, Longer and Uncut Titan (unoffical and the first Titan has a FAR, and FURTHER name.)

​Note: This Titan is getting much larger than Collosal Titan (that's impossible to cut through) and also eating themselves (including Titan). It length 100m (more than 50m), it's easy to pass through the Wall, and it's difficult to cut through neck.

A/N (author's note) : I don't pick too much Fan-Made Titans because I just want to pick up Titans interest.

Attack on Arpeggio, Kantai Collection, K Project, Horizon of The Middle of Nowhere, Strike Witches, Girls Und Panzer, Busou Shinki, Hyperdimension Neptunia and Accel World (probably)

What if, KC, SW, GuP, BS, HN and AW get making a fanfiction? Because, they have probably future fanfic or just a fan-opneing. Why? I have a new explained:

This is where I have a dream about World War Zero (based on Video Game Events). Like Kamen Rider Decade (Rider War), Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger (Great Legend War), Ultraman Ginga (Spark War), and Wo rld X-overs  Invasion , both of them are fighting against each other (Titans, Novas, B.E.T.A, and bunch of monsters are everywhere!) during the events. Not for long, a mysterious girl seeking those anyone fight never stopped. And finally, an evil mysterious girl with purplish -skull armor , half-sexy cloth, and her name (SPOILER ALERT: read it at your own risk!) appear after defeat all of those characters. After all, the werewolf appear just before attack and a "girl" wield using long sword and slash trough werewolf. Then, werewolf deflect and it prepare to fight. A girl would block against attack and it may caused explosion to fade away.......

"Funny enough? This is Titan Warzone!!"

-Werewolf said, and both of them would disappear once for all.

Titans in Alternate Reality.

Main article: Titans in Alternate Reality.

What if Titans have entered the real world (our world) ? And that means, they are gonna eat us! However, the Unknown Energy is actually made from unknown technology/magician (exclude biological) in the factory. Sometime later, it is boughted by humans to create the best weapons, 3D Manuever Gear. This weapon is use cut through not only titan's neck, even, head, legs, finger, hands, etc. This time, not only this, even more weapon rather than 3D Manuever Gear. If you didn't know, read the full description.

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