oK. ok I know this might be a nonsense and you'll be asking :

omg 8bitV, why in the world you rant and make a review of a chapter from AoT's manga for your first blog?!

The answer is : I'M DESPERATE OKAY.

okay, now let's head out to the topic and friendly reminder :


So, we all knew that Armin and Erwin are injured- to me Armin's injury(I can't say this is an injury but meh) is more serious since just.. just take a look at him; he's burned and omg I don't know! Well, Erwin's injury would be serious too since it's his stomach/? that was injured by a big rock thrown by the ape; that filthy ape.

And, the intensity. The intensity of the chapter killed me inside- 

Second of all, Bertholdt and Reiner; well I like them, they're cool and everything- but, seeing Reiner's able to escape from the titan arc give me the cringe and made me wanna flip a table okay? I mean, I know it would make the comic turns cooler and crazier and MADE THE READERS INSANE but I think it's just weird seeing Reiner been cheating death along the chapters and Bertholdt, I can't say nothing to this man I mean, look at what he did towards Armin- it's brea king me.

I never said Bertl deserved to die or anything againts him but, I think it's fair about what he has done towards Shiganshina and his friends; Well, I have no hate towards Bertl but seeing him doing that towards his (as called) friends made me mad and angry towards him. 

So the point is, I like the recent chapter but it made me mad and sad about what happened to both Erwin and Armin and I'm also desperate about Levi's choice; there are possibilities he'll be choosing Erwin but I guess it's all up to the man- yes, the man that ruined my heart- Isayama Hajime(man I hate you but I love you) so... I'd like to know your opinion about the latest chapter- feel free to rant and give opinions :^)

~ 8bitV/Nak.

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