Hey there, you probably haven't seen me because i barely do much on here or i'm away but for a good reason...

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Attack On Titan's Tribute Game! [Insert Guren no Yumiya here]


So for those of you that do not know what in the world I am talking about, A Chinese developer by the name of Feng Li developed a fan-made game in tribute to the anime series Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan/Advancing Giants. Its a fairly simple game, complex controls and great gameplay. You can organize your own server with strangers or friends and search for it in the Public Lobby or create a private match and connect with IP Address and Port.

THE PUBLIC SERVERS are back up in case you've been away, Signleplayer works as well but not sure if LAN is working. I've been away. 

The Below Information is assumed, and will consist of information from the latest update and update 0.124. If you're having problems creating an account then try the "i forgot my password" link, refreshing web page, clearing internet cache, using a different web browser or a different source of internet. Also, eren does not transform into a titan on some maps. It IS the right-click but transforming is blocked on some maps

Time Of Day

A new mechanic to the Game is the choice to set the time, choosing either Dawn, Night or Day. This can either help or hinder your progress but will increase the amount of fun it'll get to stay alive. I mean, you've gotta try Forest III Abnormal at Night, Slender has nothing on that!

Day - Same as previous updates, sun shining, skies are clear/cloudy/not raining anyway and its the perfect weather to kill some titans.

Dawn/Dusk (Who cares, I like the idea of dusk) - Things start to dim your excitement as the sun starts to set/rise and the light levels start to change. From the distance Titans march endlessly towards you and it'll get just that bit harder to detect the last few titans from the air.

Night - Things start to get chilly as nighttime sets in while you fight. Titan's will seemingly walk up to you from nowhere during waves and although light is limited (reduced to a small pocket of light that shines within a 10m radius) it becomes impossible to find the enemy. Bird's Eye View detection becomes barely possible and players must rely on sound to detect the march of the titans. Unsupervised Players Be Prepared!


[1,2,3] co-ordinate Green, Red and Black flares in order. Kind of like the anime's rules i use Green instead to signal a re-group, 'come here!' or 'follow' command. Red to signal a titan, 'help' or 'emergency' and Black to identify an abnormal, crawler, 'immediate, major emergency' or a very large, difficult gathering of titans.

Q & E can be used in conjunction or separately from each other, both keys fire off a hook from their respective sides, left hook for Q and E fires the right hook. Can be spammed separately to scale walls relatively fast or used at the same time such as SPACEBAR to grapple onto a surface and reel in quickly. The cross-hairs in the HUD are used to fire either hook.

SPACEBAR as stated above, its use allows both hooks to be fired. The two arrows which rotate around the crosshairs on the HUD allow the player to aim where both hooks shall land.

LCTRL is used to jump around 10-20m in the direction you are facing to 'dodge'. As the avatar lands he/she will land facing the opposite direction than the direction faced initially, allowing for a quick back-climb to the neck or a safe dodge from a titan's attack.  

LSHIFT is used to jump about 5-10m into the air. Further input of LSHIFT or holding down allows the player to use their gas supply, gas can be used to greatly propel towards the direction initially moved towards and can be used to catapult from two surfaces into the air to observe the landscape or escape the attack of an abnormal or crawler, gas runs out in approximately 10 minutes if used non-stop. Can be refilled at a Supply Container, resupply is non-existent in City I. Use of gas renders the 'reeling' in of hooks slower and as such, should be used for movement or zooming towards the neck of a titan, aiming below the neck with hooks and then using gas allows for a better accurate slash at the nape.

F is used to lock-on. Barely ever used and very difficult to deploy in a successful kill if used properly it could make titan-kill easier, but nonetheless it allows the camera to lock onto a titan that it is aimed at.

P pauses the game. One paused a menu shows up allowing for the observation of controls, quality and mouse sensitivity to be altered and camera to be changed.

A/WS/D as usual allows for the movement of the avatar. rate of running is about 3-ish m/sec and can be sped up if avatar 'SASHA' is used. A/W/S/D can be used to control swing movement of the 3D Gear and the W Key allows for wall-running if a is crashed into, use of other keys allows the avatar to 'dodge' off of the wall.

BCKSPC / ESC backspace toggles full-screen mode while Esc exits it. Full-screen mode is essential if use of the 'Original' setting for camera options is chosen as it allows the cursor to stay inside the boundaries of the game and disallows the mouse to click onto links etc. outside of the game, which would exit your game.

LMOUSE BUTTON allows the player to slash from left to right.

RMOUSE BUTTON allows use of that particular character's special ability.

MOUSEWHEEL allows players to hoot straight to the point of their hook's placement from a pendulum maneuver, allowing players to 'snap' to the neck of a titan after circling the neck a few times.

ENTER allows for messages to be sent during multiplayer or in lobbies. If internet connection is unstable, the ENTER button sometimes won't send messages even though they may be typed out. A fix for this that may/may not work for this is to use ENTER instead of Clicking to type in the box, and then proceed to send the message with ENTER again.

BOOSTING/Gas BURST - Remember that scene, when Levi was attacking the Female Titan and when he did that first roll through the arm, he stabbed her eye and the jumped up, reloaded blades and did that big launch of gas downwards? Well, it seems to have been implemented I THINK because it keeps happening to me and it pisses me off so much but now I know how to do it, if anyone else is experiencing the same problem i'm gonna post it here. To Gas Burst, simply rapidly press either A, W, S or D twice on one of the keys like "A A A A, W W W W" (It may require 2 - 4 presses to activate, I think mine is two) or press something like A D A D A D (again it'll differ how many combinations needed) or A W D A W A or something. You will do a large jupm in midair (or medium-sized ground hump on the ground) but it will use up LARGE CHUNKS of gas, compared to normal gas usage, holding down shift uses up 1 pixel row every 5 - 10 seconds, using a Gas Burst straight up demolishes a row of pixels. I kept using a Gas Burst halfway through a can of Gas and it took me about 2 minutes to drain it on a Forest map on the side opposite of the Refill Station. Yeah, be careful.

CAMERA OPTIONS - Original allows the user to aim where they shoot their hooks by free-roam cursor control, allowing for difficult maneuvers and tricks near-impossible to achieve using WOW or TPS controls. The camera turns when the cursor nears the border of the game screen. TPS centres the aim/display of the camera in the middle of the screen and the camera will manually turn as they move the cursor. Much easier to use, recommended for new and experienced players alike. Sometimes the cursor will glitch and stick to the corner of the game screen when exiting or entering full screen mode, bug fixes include entering then exiting the pause/main menu OR pressing the 'C' key on the keyboard to cycle through camera controls and then re-selecting TPS aftering switching through WOW and Original. WOW honetly this camera control confused me so much i lost brain cells working out what in the world was happening. Forgive me for my lack of intelligence WOW-camera users. :'(

- Horse Controls -

LMOUSE BUTTON - Makes the Horse jump, useful for messing around or jumping over obstacles e.g Baby Titan bodies

RMOUSE BUTTON - Same as the Left, allows you to jump. I doubt either button makes your jumps shorter/longer/higher/lower

A/W/S/D or ^/>/v/< - Controls horses movements. The horse follows the direction of the key, so treat the horse like that old-fashioned "Honda Car" game kids used to play. The horse will only follow the direction the camera is facing when moving forwards.

LSHIFT - Shift when you are on foot mounts your horse, your character will leap to the horse without any assistance from YOU so ont press any directional keys to direct them, they'll mount the horse just fine. While mounted, pressing Shift and holding down will slow the orse down, useful for slowing down to capture objectives so that you don't rush past them.

LCTRL - The Control button launches the player forward briefly but immediately forward, useful to dodge a body samming titan that happens to be killing your horse (Don't worry horses don't die)

Horses will automatically teleport, spawn or travel to you if you get too far/die. Because they consistently travel towards you, it is usually annoying when trying to soley hunt titans on foot when you try to LSHIFT + SPACEBAR/ E + Q when as soon as you hit Shift you jump to your horse. Horses are very fast, being able to outrun half of the Abnormal sizes except for giant and nearly being able to outrun half of the crawler sizes. Horses can be dismounted also by using E, Q or Spaebar.

Playable Characters

Stats are based roughly out of ten and by judging distance along the bar.


Custom characters can have their Blade durability, gas efficiency, speed and acceleration (time it takes to gain maximum velocity) changed. Using Jean's special ability however does not grant his secondary-passive ability for 50% gas consumption efficiency. As far as I can see, it is only possible to achieve 40% gas efficiency with a custom character with max gas.

MIKASA - downward slash, useful for escaping a grab, if the player overshoots the titan's neck or killing an abnormal. Special is able to slide off of a titan's neck before/after a kill, leaving you vulnerable to other titan's in proximity of you for a few seconds, enough to be smashed, thrashed or grabbed. Stats: Speed: 8 Gas: 5 Blades: 5 Acceleration: 8

Screenshot (665)

LEVI - Signature 'Hook & Swing". LEVI grapples onto a surface the cross-hairs are pointed at and then swings in a clock-wise motion at the target. Like PETRA, swing times are very short and should be used when in close proximity to the target. Very, very abnormal 'pull' when hooking onto a surface, recommended only use the Special if travelling in the same direction as the target or risk being "thrown" the other way. Stats: Speed: 6.5 Gas: 7 Blades: 7 Acceleration: 10

Screenshot (666)

EREN - considered cheap unless used against an Abnormal or in Hard Difficulty or higher, Eren will instantly transform into...*spoilers -_-* Titan Eren! Unless TITAN EREN is selected in single-player, transformation only lasts thirty seconds. Cool down is 120 seconds. Stats: Speed: 6 Gas: 5.5 Blades: 5.5 Acceleration: 6

Screenshot (681)

MARCO - distracts all Titans in close proximity to him and attracts them toward himself, allowing for the escape of a teammate or an unnoticed slash at the neck of a titan. Useful for Trost, aggro'ing a titan away from someone in danger. May not work on all titan's, will not work on titan's in mid-action. Stats: Speed: 7 Gas: 6.5 Blades: 7.5 Acceleration: 6

Screenshot (679)

ARMIN - Dances. Causes Titan's to laugh for 3-ish seconds. Titan's may not laugh if already doing an action, in mid-animation or because they don't care. Stats: Speed: 4.5 Gas: 10 Blades: 8 Acceleration: 5

Screenshot (678)

PETRA - Similar to LEVI, PETRA hooks onto the target and swings swords in a forward-front-flip motion, hits about 3 times but has a short duration. Similar abnormal 'pull' as LEVI, except has an even shorter and weaker pull, meaning it should only be used 10-20m away from target. Stats: Speed: 5 Gas: 7 Blades: 6 Acceleration: 9.5

Screenshot (682)

SASHA - Eats a potato allowing for a dramatic increase in running speed, 'almost' as fast as a giant crawler or even the Female Titan on Abnormal Mode. Great for various strategies. 20ish second cooldown, ability lasts around 5/10seconds. Stats: Speed: 5.5 Gas: 6 Blades: 6 Acceleration: 7

Screenshot (683)

JEAN - when grabbed by any titan (except Female Titan), clicking the LMOUSE BUTTON allows JEAN to cut himself free from a titan's grip, great for beginners. I cleared a single player Old City ll with this character. It is currently unknown about a cool-down on his ability, claims of using Jean's ability to cut out of multiple titans in a single run or a hidden timer on successive uses is unconfirmed however, Jean does have a hidden passive ability where he will consume approximately 50% less gas making him useful for prolonged fights like the Colossal Titan or Forest Game Modes. Stats: Speed: 6.5 Gas: 10 (Unlike Armin, conserves Gas by 50%) Blades: 5.5 Acceleration: 6.5

Screenshot (680)


JUMPER/RUNNER/DEVIANT TYPE/ABNORMAL/Whatever you call this piece of crap The Jumper is the most basic of the playable titans, perhaps that's because he is the only playable titan. As a titan, Q and E do nothing, so if your a common titan-player you would do well to learn to ignore those keys or disable them. Space permits you to JUMP as your name says, but you can not aim like your Titan-Brothers, instead you jump roughly 45 Degrees forward-Up. Left Clicking allows you to thrash the hell out of humanity while right click lets you belly flop onto the ground. Fun.

So far, the mechanics of playing as a titan are unbalanced, because of frequent lag titan-players are often unable to kill due to Abnormally ABNORMAL running speeds which seem to be broken, and its possible these *** ** * ******* are hacking or exploiting the game's coding, because I for one have witnessed titan's stopping mid-thrash animation, which just doesn't happen. Or the numerous time's I have seen people train-belly-flopping, it just doesn't happen because there is a time that you stay on the ground. So be warned, and be prepared to kill one, because it is an achievement. Yes, its a personal and recorded ( v ) achievement.

Tips to beat: I hate these buggers more than anything now, and more than likely ill hunt player-titans down as soon as I cleanse the rest of the city of NPC Titans so that all focus is aimed at the scum. I can advise several ample times to aim for their nape but the window of opportunity to strike is VERY limited and short, thus, it usually takes a few/several minutes depending on your skill and their skill.

  • After they slam. In most lobbies, they recover almost as soon as they hit the ground, which compared to many experiences, is the longest you may get to try killing them. I heavily discourage engaging them up-close while they are aware of your presence, and sneak attacks and hit-and-run tactics to be utilized a lot.
  • From the air. Become familiar with Divebombing, that is, to swing higher than they can see (about 200m and higher directly above them) and gas downwards so that you completely scrape of their nape. It takes patience, precise timing, great accuracy but trust me. When you land that hit, and that titan kisses the ground permanently, you have every right to rub it in and celebrate.
  • Climbing the walls. I have done this, in all seriousness and to no exaggeration, 12 times just yesterday (18/05/14) as the Host and it never failed. With good connection and the same divebomb tactics, it is slightly easier to pull off. The titan will be distracted, facing the wall climbing up. f he thrashes, bellyflops or jumps he has a short/no amount of time before he falls back down. If you miss, don't go back to his neck, just climb back up the wall 50m+ away and divebomb again. Convince the whole human team to do it and you can wipe out half the titan team.
  • After a thrash. This is the least, and last opening I have found. Most players can cut their animation short, thus its an unreliable opening, but for those that do/don't their is still enough time to stop, line up, and hit the neck directly.
  • Other tactics involve getting cocky and trolling/enraging the other titans so that they stop t type, while they type, stalk them from the top of the wall, force them to type a long sentence, divebomb. No such thing as dirty fighting against Titans.

Good Luck!


3D Gear - Hook and Lines The mechanics/gameplay can be summarized into one big spider man simulator, if spider man had twin blades, gas canisters and lived inside of three walls. The hooks of your 3D Gear work like a normal pendulum in real life, so trying to do those tricky maneuvers like Mikasa or Levi will take time and practice. Although many of their awe-inspiring techniques in the anime are probably impossible to replicate in this game, it doesn't mean you cant do something that looks similar and almost the same version. I have tested doing Eren's "Orbit 3/4 around the Colossal Titan maneuver and then aim straight for the neck, gas, and kill" technique and I succeeded. In Episode 24 when Mikasa strikes the Female Titan's ankle twice, going both directions (back and forward) I did that, with Mikasa as my avatar, to a titan's face. One blow to the eyes at top speed, immediately turn around and hit the neck. So it's possible to replicate their techniques but to an extent. So if you wanna try a maneuver like your favorite character in game, look at where they fire their hooks, at what times do they gas and what direction do they travel, then practice replicating it in game. It's truly an accomplishment in my book.

TIP - Try to get used to only using one hook at a time, saving the second hook as a back-up if your first one misses or you suddenly need to retreat a titan's barrage of thrashes. I really only use two if I need to correct my direction if the first hook wasn't enough or I use both because two hooks pull more faster than if you used one hook.

3D Gear - Gas Gas allows you to travel at about 2x the speed through the air, it allows the user to propel themselves in whatever direction they are heading. Excessive use such as turning will simply re-create a pendulum maneuver (360 degree rotation) so that hooks will have to be redeployed to avoid crashing into surfaces. When catapulting yourself in the air, using gas while going up will extend the distance you travel up and the speed, after you eventually slow down or hit the world's ceiling, you will slow drop down, again deploying gas can allow the player to reach speeds of about 75m/s, useful to try and 'plummet' into the neck of the Colossal titan or any titan for massive damage. Gas can be refilled at any "Canister Station" in the appropriate maps.

Swords The player's twin swords are used to cut the nape of the neck, the mechanics in the game require however that the neck need not be sliced in a precise way, meaning you can chop it vertically, diagonally and sometimes (as I found out) utilize the sword's range to kill a baby titan's neck from the front of its face, provided you travel fast enough to the point of impact. The sword's range is about a 2-3m radius from the blades themselves, and then an extra 1m behind or in front of the swords swing. With characters who have non-lethal special abilities, the right click will instead allow the player to swing the sword from right-left instead of left-right although this differs on occasion. The direction of the swing allows players to often stand on the shoulder of a titan and kill the titan through the sword's hit box depending on which direction the sword swings and which shoulder you are standing on. The 'X' slice has a slightly smaller hit box however, but is focused in a circle instead of a line hit box. This means you can ill a baby titan by hitting it from its ear, face or its upper-lower back sometimes, not usually.

Swords - Durability Using a Special ability that involves attacking still uses up durability, PETRA's Special for example uses up around 1/8 of the Durability bar which hinders prolonged sessions, such as Forest II/III and Colossal Titan maps. Durability goes down at a rate of about 1 pixel per two/one slash. Sometimes the bar goes down by 2 pixels, on your 2nd slash. Hitting higher damage will not increase/decrease the rate of your durability.

Swords - Damage Damage is affected by, the speed that you are travelling and how long you hold down the attack button and ready it. Although spamming the attack button works, it doesn't help in fights with Annie and the Colossal Titan, where dealing bigger damage equals less chance of dying and less time being spent. Damage can be reduced in the milliseconds and it is crucial to hit the neck before you crash into it (reduces speed, less damage), miss it or get killed trying, because achieveving a high damage of 2000+ (Thank Crazy Jay in the Comments Section, he has screenshot proof and I am witness) is kind of like a once in a lifetime, or sessiontime, experience and really helps against Bosses. When travelling directly to the back of the neck, it is crucial to slice one

'Snapping' -  A mechanic I stumbled upon, most players refer to this technique as 'Snapping', likely because you seem to "snap" to the titans neck from 'orbit'. Snapping is done through the MOUSEWHEEL. When you are orbiting a titans head in a pendulum maneuver you are usually far away and out of range of the neck, by timing it correctly a quick spin of the MOUSEWHEEL (the faster you spin, the more line you 'climb' to get to the desired point) will allow you to snap to a titan's neck, to put it bluntly, you go from orbiting a titan in circles to making a direct line towards wherever your hook is placed, making it easier to climb, kill or travel with the 3D Gear.

A good demonstration of using 'snapping' can be viewed by a Youtuber called PMK93, in his most recent videos he regularly kills titans using this technique.


List of Titans ( 3m, 4m, 6m, 12m and 15m sizes apply to all types of titans)

Normal - Although not as intimidating as you might think, these guys are easily able to kill skilled players no matter how big your "K/D Ratio" is. Renowned killers for their Biting Attack, Grab Attack and Flail. (Swing, Swing Smash)

Screenshot (684)

Abnormal - Easily recognized as the titan from the 'Re-taking of Trost' arc which Mikasa kills and saves hundreds of civilians from titans and merchants, these guys act basically the same. The bigger they are the slower the run, a tiny abnormal can not be outrunned without use of 3D gear. They also share another trait, they can jump and bite you in mid-air, just like when Eren's leg was bitten off. Their AI allows for them to track what direction you are travelling and how fast you are moving and allows for them to lunge at you at a faster speed, not wise to fly above them in a straight line without turning sharp corners. Once close enough, they will try to squash you with an 'aoe' pancake flop. After continuous flops they tire and will take a breather for 3 seconds, allowing for an opportunity to strike.

Screenshot (685)

Crawler* - Yes, these guys are abnormal too but are a separate entity. For first timers and MANY intermediate players, as soon as you see one about 300 metres +/- you should be dead in less than 10 seconds. They can jump at you when you are above them like 'normal' abnormals and can outrun anyone, unless you are Sasha or you are going at top speed on the 3D gear with gas and turning sharp corners. Their mouth is like a lawnmower, their AI causing them to continuously bite at mid-air until a player pops in. One of the safest strategies to killing one is to wait on top of a roof away from the edge and/or then just hook onto their neck as if you were riding an animal. Once you are on top, continue to hook closer and closer to their neck until you become 'glitched' or clipping with their neck, once you begin to clip hack at their neck's location until they die, Petra is ideal for this. Not very ideal to tackle them on the ground unless ..*sigh*... your Eren or Titan Eren. -_-

Screenshot (686)

Punk - So, since the update on 11/15/14 I met these guys. Truth be told, I have yet to kill one while it wasn't stuck in it's post-bellyflop or grab animation. So, I haven't killed one legitimately. Know why? These guys are just like abnormals, but as dirty as titan players. They can rhrow rocks that home in on your 3D Gear movements like Jumping Abnormals and they can stop their thrash mid-animation. They also have a low swiping movement if you try to strafe them. They. Freakin. Suck. Punk titans are almost always sporting a Mohawk and love to run around in circles. If you see one, don't fly up to it in a straight line as I did or it has a likely chance of sniping you with a boulder. For the love of God, if you have a heart, kill this titan before the under-experienced players fall victim to it.

Their only weaknesses I have witnessed is close combat, however it is advised to stay above their hips or to have the highest chance of survival. They have a sweeping 270 degree shoulder height attack, it has been the end of me several times if the boulder projectiles weren't.

  • Although they are abnormal, they are treated completely different than the 'runners'.

Maps (Singleplayer)


This gamemode, much the same as the old City I/II pits the player against 10 titans although this time, as with many other maps, you can change thee time of day.

Screenshot (689)


This gamemode features the Forest of Fallen Gia- I mean erm, Forest of Giant Trees from the anime/manga. Titans will hide/ambush players from varying sizes of tree trunks and retreating to the canopies is the only haven for breathing space. Much scarier at night.

Screenshot (690)

Forest Survival (no Crawler)

Just like Forest III from Older Versions but this time there are no crawlers, only Jumpers to worry about. Don't be fooled though, it does get quite tense at times. My score is 108 titans.

Maps (Multiplayer)

Racing Akin

Kind of like an obstacle course map. Red surfaces kill you, Green pumps refill your gas and you must race to get to the green barrier at the end as time counts whether you'd make great Titan-feed or Levi's Assistant. y race time was 283.01seconds with 3 deaths.

Screenshot (691)

The City

Same as Singleplayer except now you must face 10 titans + however many titan-players in the lobby. Count your Sins.

The Forest

You must kill...5 titans -_- maybe watch paint set or make some jelly....

The Forest II

The Ante has been upped, survive 20 waves of hungry death-on-earth with no respawns. Watch your back.

The Forest III

Maybe Fate is smiling upon you or you guys are lucky ducky's but now you can get respawns! Players respawn after/before each wave

Forest IV Lava

Forest III except touching the ground instant kills you, can you make it past wave 2?... I got to Wave 6

Outside The Walls

Alright! Listen up! We have to clear 50 titans from this territory. I know many people have died trying to get us this far, but if we can secure the area, then we can finally establish Humanity's first base outside of the walls!

Screenshot (696)

Blue areas are owned by Humanity and you will respawn at the one YOU helped to capture/captured solo. White zones are neutral and either titans or humans can capture them. To capture a one, stand inside of it and wait for your team colour to fill up the area of the zone. Yellow Zones belong to the titans. If the middle zone gets captured by titans however, Annie will arrive!

Screenshot (711)

You win if either side loses all their points like a game of Conquest Battlefield/Battlefront OR if all zones are captured, JUST like Battlefield/Battlefront.

Special Game Modes

Female Titan

Yes, we have wanted to cut her up to size when our beloved Petra was killed, Eren was beaten or Mikasa was bested in battle during Shina, so now we have the glorious task of killing her ourselves. This boss battle, although not a puzzle, has a very complex mechanic to it.

I HIGHLY recommend more than 10 people roughly to tackle her. She CAN multi-kill, she is very fast and she sucks. I'm probably never doing this map again. I tried this with 15 of my school friends at school on LAN, throughout the fight there was always half the team dead, we tried this with a full team of Petra's and Mikasa's.

The Female Titan is featured in three maps, Outside the Walls, ANNIE l and ANNIE ll, In ANNIE l you don't respawn, there are no re-supplies and the map is featured in the forest just like ANNIE ll. ANNIE ll is yes, featured in the Forest map with re-fills and respawning. Outside the Walls Annie plain out hunts you down and doesn't go for the objective. Between killing titans and capturing bases, how does one find the endurance to down a Female Titan?

Screenshot (699)

Annie has a wide range of martial arts attacks that she will use, each one of them insta-kills you and instead of grab attacks she simply swats you and you die. The main attacks you will face on the ground is her low-swat and her sweeping kick. Either can be dodged with LCTRL. If your in the air then you will usually face her three-kick taekwondo kick of some sort, either that or another series of swiping swatting attacks. Do not bother going for her neck, just like in the anime she is aware of everyone's position in her vicinity and even with a team of 15, only one of my members went for her neck and he had a 50/50 chance of hitting it or dying, and i'm fairly certain it did not do any damage even if he hit. Again, I haven't tried.

Your target is her calf muscle. That's the muscle in-between her knee and her ankle, you must hit it on the back. The front is her shin bone which is unaffected should it be slashed at. On Normal the Calf has 50HP, slash it enough and the Female Titan will fall down on all fours. While she's down, slash her nape. On Normal her nape has 1000HP, on a solo video some 'Pro' did on YouTube, he used Mikasa and hit the nape 3 times with 400+ damage. After each strike to her neck your blades will break instantly, symbolizing her crystal defense ability. Retreat to the treetops or a very far safe distance on the ground and reload your blades. If you are part of a team online, you may have difficulty coordinating when to retreat or attack since if everyone dies, no matter what game mode, Humanity Will Fail. That being said, my friends had to stop attacking 5 times when we dropped down to 2/15 alive at times. Not a bad boss fight, definitely the difficulty fits the boss and her level of badass-ness in the anime/manga. Although I don't want to fight her again, it's worth it killing her.

Oh and before I forget...I'll let you find out what happens to the Female Titan once she's beaten. It's a secret, my advice is:


Colossal Titan

We were all so bored out of our minds, waiting for Feng to get off his butt and update the game. We are tired of killing Annie repeatedly! But Feng wasn't resting, nope he was working and the fruits of his labor produced the Colossal Titan as a fightable Boss!

Screenshot (695)

To fight this "Traditionally", you MUST HAVE more than 2 players. The reason being that half of the fight requires you not only kill the Colossal Titan, but you need to kill the Abnormals that spawn and gather at the broken gate. I will try to do a guide of each...

(Note: Yes, you can solo this boss by yourself without help, the trick is to "Mikasa Bomb" the Colossal Titan's neck from the highest height climbable. To get as high as you can, there is an invisible wall behind the Colossal Titan that is indeed, "Hookable". By climbing up this and special attacking with Mikasa, my friend has assured me you can reach speeds fast enough to net you over 2000 dmg. Doing this 1-3 times depending on what game mode + difficulty you are on allows you to solo this boss.)

Now, as soon as you spawn, your going to want to run off of the wall from the very beginning or meet a quick death. As soon as your at the edge of the wall, the Colossal Titan will immediately spawn in the middle of his sweeping animation, similar to his 2nd appearance and initial attack in the Anime when he destroys the defensive cannons. For players trying to fight this boss on 'One Life' mode, escaping this attack is crucial as he can and will kill all the players in one hit if not prepared.

Abnormal Part - For those who are trying to protect the 'civilians' at the other end of the map, Partnering up with a third player OR making sure you are up to scratch at being an Elite Titan-Killer, the Abnormals will start to burst through the breach in the gate as soon as the gate has been kicked open and the boulder flies over head (Yes, the very same boulder from the Anime and in the "Trost" game mode). Abnormals shall take about four paths to kill the civilians.

the obvious left and right paths OR the innermost paths which involve travelling own a single path to the supply castle and going around the building to get at the civilians. A warning message in the chat box will warn of a Stray Titan that has broken through your defenses if any one titan has been let loose and is about 100m-200m from the civilians. It is important to note that ALL the titans are Abnormals. If an abnormal 'flops' onto the civilians, it is an immediate game over regardless if the Colossal Titan is nearly dead.

Colossal Titan Part - For those wishing to savor the glory of Mankind's Victory and vanquish the Colossal Titan, the faster you kill it depends on how many players 'throw' themselves at it's neck. The Colossal Titan will smack, sweep or brush the top/sides of the wall to crush players, killing them instantly. Players must hit a diamond-shaped white mark, or scrap of cartilage on his neck to deal damage to him. Despite being on Normal Mode, if he is faced on Colossal Titan I he will have 1000hp, while having 5000hp on the respawnable game mode. Every 5-10 or so seconds the Colossal Titan will release a cloud )which emits from his chest, legs and head) colored yellow and red which will burn and kill the player should they be close enough. Dealing damage to the Colossal Titan will release a white cloud which shouldn't deal damage. Both types of clouds will knock the player back so be sure to lock a harpoon onto the Colossal Titan, or you will literally be propelled 300m away from the Titan. Hope you enjoy long walks. Upon killing the Colossal Titan a dangerous cloud of steam will be released instantaneously, killing nearby players as a kind of 'trap' towards "Humanity Fail". If players survive the ordeal, Humanity lives another day!


Humanity has bled and been knocked down many times, but not this Wall! Not this Day!

Screenshot (703)

Players will find themselves escorting Eren to the gate, a gigantic boulder being lifted on his shoulders. Any titan that hits him would easily be able to interrupt and dislodge the boulder from his grasp, crushing Eren.

Screenshot (701)

Game start, Eren will be in a deep trance, in this state he is still vulnerable like in the anime and the two titans near Eren, should they be aggro'd onto him, should be dispatched swiftly. Shortly, with a roar Eren will realize his dream and recovers, picking up the boulder and heading towards the gate.

Any damage dealt to Eren (by titans) at anytime will fail the game.

Titans will initially spawn in front of Eren as he gets closer to the Gate, several pre-spawned titans will wander around and prove a challenge later on in the match as Eren aggro's them. It is vital to note that Titans will target WHOEVER is closest to them, so if they are 10m from Eren and you retreat from 5m to 20m, Eren is as good as gone. Usually, they'll target Eren if he is in front of them and you've gone behind/beside them. As Eren progresses towards the gate, notably at the curve in the path, Titans will spawn beside, behind or in front of him (sometimes all at once) and the task gets more difficult. As Eren reaches the final 100m to the gate, about 7 titans all ranging in size will spawn simultaneously. I have solo'ed this game mode BUT if your a pro but you can't solo this map don't be disappointed, it took me a long, long while of practice and i'm sure YOU can solo it too!

When all the titans are dead and Eren reaches the Gate, Eren shall slam the boulder into the breach, sealing the gate for another time.

FUN FACT: Hooking onto the boulder and staying their until it is placed in the gate will launch you away Standing in the gate while the boulder is placed will kill you.  The boulder bleeds blood.  The boulder does not cover the entire gate when placed (0_0 ) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

- Squads. This was me and my friends initial response to a 15 player LAN session at lunchtimes. We had squads or teams of 3 or 4, nicknamed ourselves mine was (9 people, 3 squads called Wall (Garrison), Survey (Corp) and (Military) Police. We identified one another with team initials and then name + sitting only with our teammates so we could co-ordinate where to travel and teamwork. Gets pretty messy if everyone decides to tank but nevertheless it is great fun!

Example of a team member's name

[Survey] Aften OR [SC] Aften | [WG] Aften OR [Wall] Aften etc. etc.

Well that's my guide on our SnK/AoT/AG game, albeit a fan-made tribute game. If you have any questions drop the blog a comment or message me if you have any queries. Happy slaying, save humanity and ... make Mikasa proud. :P

If you do play the game in-browser on, be sure to drop him a comment, like or share his game. I've already dropped a comment on ideas for new characters. If you like his work check out his other game Pixel May Cry. See ya on the battlefield, Aften out.


I reckon I've achieved a few things in this game that I commend others and myself on so if your looking for something to do, or achieve, why not try a few of these


Divebomb and/or kill a Player-titan whilst they are climbing the wall


Kill more than 5 Titan-players in the same round


Kill a Player-titan


Kill 3 or more titans in less than 10 seconds without moving more than 10m between each titan


Swing and a complete a full revolution (360 Degrees) from above a crawler, underneathe then back up again without dying


Kill a titan and blind another titan, in the same attack (Left Click)


Hold the attack button down while gas'ing 200m-300m or more down to a titan's neck and successfully kill it upon impact.


Deal the finishing blow to the Female Titan's Neck with PETRA


Deal the finishing blow to the Colossal Titan with Mikasa instead of Eren


Replicate one or more, of the maneuvers used in the Anime


Kill the Female Titan's Nape in one hit (1000hp in Normal)


Gain enough speed that when you slash the nape of a titan, you glitch out of its mouth


Gain enough speed that when you swing into the mouth of a titan AND slash, you glitch through its mouth, slash the nape and come out of its neck


Glitch into the hand of titan that's trying to grab you from 50m-100m away


Finish any game mode in the City, on Abnormal


Use a pendulum maneuver to swing 300m-400m high into the air on any City map and get killed by a jumping Abnormal Titan


Have an entire team of ERENs transform to Titan-Mode at the same time, on top of the wall on the Colossal Titan Game Mode


Bring an entire team of ERENs and have them all transform at the same time on any ANNIE map


Use Mikasa's special ability to kill any type of titan from a distance of 300m or more


Kill 5 or more titans in less than a minute


Using Levi's special ability, kill two titans.


Kill the Female Titan by yourself without dying


Kill the Colossal Titan by yourself without dying (Friends allowed, but are only allowed to kill the Abnormals)


Solo any Trost game mode by yourself


Solo Trost I on Hard Mode


Kill a Titan Player


Kill a Titan-Player for over 1k damage

Solo Play

Try beating my personal records! ( Pre-New Multiplayer Servers)

Normal City - Single: 152s

Hard City - Single: 128s

Normal Forest - Single: 131s

Normal Forest III - Multi: Wave 11, 7 Titans left

Normal Forest - Multi: 25K 1D

Hard City - Single: 503s

Normal Trost II - COMPLETE

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ( Post-New Multiplayer Servers)


Manage to kill a Punk Titan.


Kill over 100 titan's in the new "Survival-no crawler" map

AIRBORNE MESSIAH Kill over 100 titans overall OR finish the "Forest IV - FLOOR IS LAVA" map

My Custom Character builds

So, first off I wanna say that my builds, have been requested so I am posting them just in case other people like the Requester are curious about what I use. I only have two builds in actual fact. For tow reasons. Jean Build In the Old versions, I only used two characters, Jean and Petra. I used Jean very often on Forest and Colossal Titan maps, where I really needed the gas to keep me going for a long time, which helped out because I would only kinda need to refill my gas every about 4-5 waves, until I reached above 10 where I would refill every 2-3 waves. My Jean build was used for such a purpose, I filled in points on Gas to the max and I kept some points for Acceleration and a bit of speed, so that I could quickly get back to the fight if say, my comrades were surrounded on the other side of the map. My stats are: Speed: 90 Gas: 125 Blades: 75 Acceleration: 110 Skill: Jean (So I may prolong my life in Forest maps)

Petra Build Initially, I used Petra as a fan thing but then I realized her special attack really, really, helped out in PvP and in Female Titan maps. I use Petra for maps I need to kill a lot of titans but not within a long time period so usually for Trost, Annie, City and Outside the Walls. Her special allows me to quickly down titans by practically "Sonic the Hedgehog'ing" up the neck and quickly cutting them (I am not a fan btw). In this case I allocate a few more points onto blades to combat the special's tendency to chomp down on durability, but also a lot on acceleration and speed. I don't mind too much about gas, because I won't be fighting for as long as 20 waves takes in the Forest. My stats are: Speed:95 Gas: 80 Blades: 115 Acceleration: 110 Skill: Petra (To quickly climb and kill a titan's neck)

My character will ALWAYS look like this, in the Petra build or Jean.

Screenshot (649)

Aftenshnoshnikr, Squad Greymarsh

List of Hackers

Essentially this is a name and shame list. If you are a hacker it is mainly because of one-three reasons I deem you to be shamed which i'll show shortly. If you are a hacker also, and you don't want to be named and shamed then I suggest you change your name and only use "infinite blade durability" infinite gas or infinite flare cheats. Any modding/hacking which affects gameplay or the ability to kill will drop you in this list with a reason why you are here. Name / Reason < + | Ninja Class [Trainee] | + > / Uses an insta-kill, location ignoring, aimbot. will often choose Titan side and hit you from across the map or run up to you and hit you to make it pretend it was realistic. Often accompanied by major lag due to third party programs, likely has a lag switch (ability to slow down framerate/internet connection for all playuers except the Hacker themselves. Also utilizes a "smokescreen" mod I witness where he will cover the entire map with patches of the "bodyslam dust" special effect. Will increase his damage to hit for over 80k damage, one hitting all bosses although mostly he is encountered in PVP maps such as City. Claims he is hacking "Because it is fun". I have witnessed him 8 times, he is a frequent player.

Ninja Class Trainee

Patch Notes

Dates are printed in American style, MONTH/DATE/YEAR ~ In Progress ~

Update 5/24/2014:

*Kill message and partial UI tweak
*Danisk language support added.
*Hook speed is increased by character's speed in the hook direction.
*Player Titan can change it's direction in air after jumping.
*Player titan's 3 slap is separated into two click combo attack.
*Single player tutorial mode added.
*Single player battle training map added.
*Multiplayer forest IV (lava mode) added.
*Bug fixed: Original camera's turning rate affected by FPS.
*Bug fixed: Original camera has different speed in turning left and right.
*Bug fixed: Respawn bug (cloning).
*Bug fixed: Entering spectator mode by right clicking after repicking character by suiciding.
*Bug fixed: Dead player appearing in the middle of the map.

Update 5/19/2014:

*Bug fixed: Annie won't disappear after her death.
*Bug fixed:kill a titan player didn't update to the HUD.
*Bug fixed:floating titan or vibrating titan.
*ANNIE killing does not disappear after · kill players without killing the giant display
*Bug fixed:Annie and floating figures won't disappear after her death.
*Bug fixed:kill a titan player didn't update to the HUD. Bug fixed:floating titan or vibrating titan

Update 5/18/2014:

*Single player city and forest is available again, now with random titan positioning. 
*Multiplayer Annie is available again.
*new survival-no crawler map
*Support for 18 languages added.
*HUD's font changed, top left's player info tweaked, killing message moved to top right.
*Eren's transformation in pvp map is changed to Petra's spin.
*Single player map forest survival mode (no crawler) added.
*In multiplayer rooms pressing T will allow you to repick, at the cost of death
*Spinning after death effect.
*Key to switch player spectated changed to flare 1 (next player) and 2 (previous player) instead of attack.
*Bug fixed: 30 second message not disappearing.
*Bug fixed: Gas Acceleration not using ACL
*Bug fixed: Wave not displaying properly in forest.
*Bug fixed: Inconsistent TPS turning rate.
*ghost hook bug fixed

Post-update fixes:

*bugfix: crawler still spawning in the survival-no crawler map
*bugfix: only master client/host can damage Annie's neck

Update 5/1/2014:

*public servers are back. 
   - each region has own servers
*main menu has new makeover

                  JANUARY - FEBRUARY: DDOS Hackers attack servers. Site is closed, servers shutdown. Offline play only.

Update 1/24/2014

*two new multiplayer maps are added.
  - you will have to escort eren to fix the hole.

Update 12/31/2013

*added colossal titan boss fight map(multiplayer only)
*some bug fixed

Update 12/8/2013

*added ANNIE and ANNIE II maps

Update 11/10/2013

*Add Eren & Eren-Ttian( Eren's skill is shift to titan-form for 30s.and his CD time is 120s.)
*New Multiple Map Forest II with new survie mode.
*new titan:crawler
*new shader.
*new camera effect.
*new sound effects.
*Titan's AI adjustment.
*new wall model.
*you can use scroll wheel to adjust the rope while doing a pendulum move.
*you can attack titan's eye to blind them.
*add Master Server, (Notice: that not all the computer can setup a public server or connect to other public server.)
*bug fixed:kill the last two titan at once won't finish the game.

Update 10/1/2013

*add jean & marco
*add new map for multiplayer:Forest of the Giant Tree
*adjust titan's behaviour while chasing solider.
*UI icon and stuff.

Update 9/14/2013:

*new Titan with new AI.
*new multiple mode :cage fighting.
*new multiple mode:respawn immediately and with supply
*special attack adjustment:Armin and Levi.
*wall-jump/wall run adjustment.
*add an "Abnormal" difficulty.
*fixed the titan's hitbox.
*several multiplayer bug fixed.
   - you might enter a server anytime now, no need to wait for a new round.
*HUD position in fullscreen issue fixed.

Update 8/25/2013 Part 2:

  • bug fixed: human can't score after killing all titans
*bug fixed:grapples that didn't disappear
*show player's name over their head.
*show player's ping.
*added connection information when joining other's server.
*added a quit button after you lost connection from server.

Update 8/25/13

  • the first version of lan-mode multiplayer. try using hamachi to fight with your friends!
*level has different difficulty.
*a trainning level with dumb titans.
*new UI

Update 7/29/2013:

  • adjust gravity & rope.
*while pressing Q/E/SPACE, you can't do a wall-run. need to release the grapples first.
*press L-shift("jump"KEY) to boost. the pendulum thing also needs L-shift to other words, if you don't press L-shift in the air,it's just like old versions.

Update 7/28/2013

  • fixed: the range of titan's grab attack
*fixed: titan can go over another one.
*fixed: you can kill a titan in the face.
*fixed: scores issue.
*new : Character Armin, special attack :making titan laugh for a shot time XD.
*new:blade and gas are limited. blade can be broken ,press R to reload. and RESET move to T.
*new:press W toward a wall to perform a wall-Run, also by pressing W you can get to the rooftop easily.
*new:press arrow-key while in the air can give you more boost. hold Q/E and any arrow-key and character will move like a pendulum.

Update 07/21/2013 Part 2:

*bug fixed:can't hold the "attack" key since last update.
*bug fixed:can't hold the "both Hooks" key since last update.
*you can still use the combine "BACKWARD+ATTACK" as special attack's input in WOW mode.

Update 7/21/2013

*adjust Levi's special attack, CD time down to 3.5s.and you have to hook something to change Levi's speed.
*press ESC to pause the game and Set up your own key map.

Update 7/14/2013:

  • add skill CoolDown time. mikasa:1.5s/levi:8s

Update 7/11/2013: Attack on Titan Tribute Game update 07/11/2013:

*improve framerate performance

Update 7/10/13: Attack on Titan Tribute Game update 07/10/2013:

*improve performance of the new map(second level)
*lower the new map's building.
*fix the larger titan's attack box

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