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    I'm a very big fan of Erwin, and yes, Levi is one of my favorite characters (After Sasha, Mikasa, and Jean), but Erwin is my most. His character is complex, and even though he's quite ruthless, he has a human side. A very human one in fact. So I'd like to state why Erwin would've been a better choice in injecting the titan serum. 

    First off, I'm not going to say Armin is horrible, I really like Armin, but I have to say I'm heartbroken that Levi chose Armin over Erwin (Makes me like him less, I'm sorry). Sure, Eren said that Armin has done better than Erwin in the battle, sure, he suspected Annie, sure, he's highly intellegent. However, in terms of importance, Erwin is much more important than Armin. Don't get me wrong, Armin is very bright,…

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