I recommend watching is Attack On Titan Junior High!

Another one I am starting to watch is Attack on Titan Trainee Corps!

Please tell me if you find more parodies! I love parodies! 

I heard that there are going to be Attack on Titan S2 on February. But of course, there are rumors. I can be wrong! :( 


I rate Attack on Titan ||||| out of |||||! This inspired me to learn Japanese! I would vote infinity!! 💖💖💖 Of course... THE BEST! :D 🔝🔟🌠 😄 

I rate Attack on Titan Junior high... well... um..., 79% of 100. 😀 😁 😂 

I rate Attack on Titan Trainee Corps... I'm still watching so... for now. 50~54% of 100. No blurs... [WARNING!: I'M SURE IF YOU WATCH ATTACK ON TITAN YOU DON'T REALLY CARE BUT FOR PEOPLE WHO STILL CARE THIS CONTAINS SWEAR WORD!] 😗 

​My favorite characters

​Eren #1, Mikasa #2, Armin #3, and Levi #4 for Attack on Titan. 🌠 

SO EPIC! #Cool :D 

Mikasa and Levi [Levi is so funny! XD] for Attack on Titan Junior High. 😂😂😂 

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