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  • I live in a luxurious palace
  • I was born on December 21
  • My occupation is a bad bad rebellious student
  • I am 100% feminine
  • BloodHunter99

    Newbie :)

    November 1, 2013 by BloodHunter99

    Hi everyone! I'm BloodHunter99, or Blood or Kamille or Kam. I'm new here is the SnK wiki, I do know a few people here from other wikis, like RoseSweets and much more. So I really like where this anime (/manga) is going and I love the show. I always watch it with my friend after school and it's really really fun to do so, we comment on the characters and the story and such.

    So my favourite characters so far are Mikasa Ackerman and Sasha "potato" Braus. They're really awesome in their own ways. I also love Eren's backstory and his vengeance to kill all the titans.

    Well I also draw, and umm other things too. I also go to the Adventure Time Wiki and The Hunger Games Wiki. So you can catch me there too.

    And ummm here are some bad titan jokes

    What a…

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