Haha it's my first blog post and usually I don't do this kind of thing, but I was just thinking about how AOT would end in 2018. But before we get into an ending that ties everything up together, I thought it would be good to keep track of the things that we do not yet know. I've set up my top three, ascending. 

3. Why do the Ackermans possess the "awakened power"?
This might be an interesting question to answer, since most in the bloodline did have this special ability. I wonder when, how, and why the Ackermans obtained this power.

2. Who is Ymir?
Come to think of it, there's so much we still don't know about her. We only know her name and a little bit of her history. However, there's still the question of who the "Subjects of Ymir" are and what caused them to do such things. They may or may not have a tie-in with the Hometown, but I suppose after the passing of 60 years there's not much of what's left of them. Though I admit, the Talking Titan intrigued me a little about this matter.

1. What's in the basement???
As this series is soon going to wrap things up, we probably do have a better idea on what's inside the basement. I wager there are several things that might be in the basement, such as Titan serums, conspiracy theories, Titan research, etc. Maybe all will be solved when they reach the basement. or maybe Grisha just wanted to show Eren his hat collection when he got back from his alleged business trip

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