I've seen all the episodes and read all the manga of Attack on Titan, so when I went to look for a game I was sad the haven't made one went. So here is my idea of how it would work!

Game Title- Attack on Colossal

Amount of players- 2-7

Game time- Not known yet

Good Characters and specials- Eren:Titan mode- Titan mode lets him 1 hit KO titans and +2 movement Recharge-5 turns Mikasa-3DMG Speed- Move 2 times in one turn and you can dodge 2 times in battle Recharge-3 turns Armin-3DMG Escape-You can run away from a titan or use it to dodge a titan's attack Recharge-3 turns Levi-Spin attack-Deals 25 damage to a titan Recharge-4 turns Jean-Escapes a titans grasp-The name says it all Recharge-1 turn Bad Characters Annie-Titan mode- Avoid titans and 1 attack from the player destroys their blade Recharge-5 turns Titan-No name yet-1 hit KO to players unless the attack is dodge Recharge-3 turns Titan summoner-Not a character that plays on the board so no special

Rules- To win the game as good, who ever does the most damage to colossal titan wins even if you don't do the finishing blow. Colossal health(1000 blows from characters) To win as bad, who ever deals the most deal to HQ wins. HQ health(10 blows) Once you attack the Colossal Titan or HQ you go back to spawn The spawn for the bad is the colossal titan The spawn for good is HQ To move (with 3DMG) you roll a six sided die and add 3 extra spaces to it To move (walking) roll a six sided die and no extra spaces Every 5 turn you use 3DMG you need to restock on gas At begging of game you have 5 sets of blades (including the ones in your sword) Every 3 attacks you need to change blades At beginning of game everyone player (not a titan summoner [titan summoner explained later]) gets 5 cards. The cards you get should contain 1 special, 1 extra tank of gas, 1 extra set of blades, 1 back up call (explained later), and 1 escape A titan summoner is someone who has a deck of cards and is in charge of titans. To summon a titan he must draw a card from his deck and it needs to be a titan summon. The cards in his deck include titan summon, must retreat a titan, you can not draw cards for 3 turns, you can not draw turns for 5 turns, and move the titan player (if any) 1-3 spaces ahead. A titan summoner is also in charge of the back up cards. The backup cards can only be used in battle and a player is asking for backup. This deck shall contain backup, a extra call backup card for the player that is asking for it, no backup for 3 turns (for that player only), no back up for 5 turns (for that player only), and give backup to someone with them using their call backup card. To attack during battle, with a regular titan, you must draw an attack card. The attack card has a number (between 1-10) on it that shows the damage you deal to a titan. A regular titan has 20 life. This does not apply to the Colossal Titan. For the Colossal Titan you need to be on the same space as it, and you draw an attack on card that has a number between 5-100. Also to kill Annie, if anyone is playing as here, You need to attack her 3 times in a battle.

That's all for now. Ill try to post updates here. Also you guys can post suggestions to!

Thanks for reading!

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