• Eobard95

    Annie redemption theory

    March 31, 2017 by Eobard95

    It’s been forever since Annie sealed herself within the crystal cocoon after she battle with Eren and outside of a flashback to the Battle of Trost we’ve not seen her since. I think there is a reason for that and after reading the latest issue I think I’ve figured out why Isayama hasn’t brought her back into the story yet, and what I hope happens if/when Annie does come back.

    Annie, along with Reiner, Bertolt and Marcel (the one Ymir ate) were sent to the Walls in 845 and now it is 854 so if they received their abilities in 845 then Annie and Reiner will have 4 years left to live. However Marley’s plan to recruit Eldian warriors for their plans to destroy Paradis that we saw in Grisha’s story in 832 called for children between 5 and 7. Whi…

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