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  • Eren Jaeger

    This episode... was the most gorgeous thing I've ever seen...The episode is called "A Small Blade, Defense of Trost Part 3" and it starts off as a recap of the newfound enemy of humanity and we get the picture of the three Walls that protect the remaining population. We also get a recap of the story so far in Wall Rose and here is where the episode really starts. First, we see one of the commanders telling a group of soldiers to let him pass so he could go help out in the fight against the Titans invading Trost, much to the disagreement of the soldiers. The female soldier was trying to get him to stay but was stopped when the commander told her that if she said one more word, he would consider it as treason and punish her.

    Meanwhile, Mikasa…

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  • Eren Jaeger

    This is my first review ever so please be gentle when pointing out my mistakes thank you! ^.^ OKAY! So, episode 6 of Attack on Titan titled "The World She Saw, Battle of Trost Part 2" starts off where episode 5 left us hanging: Armin was being woken up by Connie who found him passed out on a rooftop. Poor Armin then remembered what had happened to his squad and let out another one of his yells (i commend his voice actress for the convincing scream) saying that they should leave him there to die because he was absolutely useless. Connie told him to calm down but Ymir told him that without a doubt they were all dead. Then, Ymir asked herself why was Armin the only one to survive and that Eren and the others didn't deserve the ending that the…

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  • Eren Jaeger

    Attack on Titan

    May 11, 2013 by Eren Jaeger

    Alright so episode 6 is just around the corner and what do we get? MIKASA'S BACK STORY! I was waiting for this to be shown and i wonder how its gonna be. From the preview, i can already tell that the Animation will once again be perfect. I cant wait for this episode and also for chapter 46. Bertholdt and Reiner have kidnapped Eren and Ymir! They better have a good explanation for this or else i'm gonna jump in there and settle this myself (i wish XD) but still, this is gonna be awesome. Whenever i think about it my heart just wants to explode from joy and excitement. I've never loved an anime and manga so much in my entire life. I just cant freaking wait for the future this series has in store for us!! ^.^

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