Bertholdt and Reiner

the traitors: I don't like them no more

Alright so episode 6 is just around the corner and what do we get? MIKASA'S BACK STORY! I was waiting for this to be shown and i wonder how its gonna be. From the preview, i can already tell that the Animation will once again be perfect. I cant wait for this episode and also for chapter 46. Bertholdt and Reiner have kidnapped Eren and Ymir! They better have a good explanation for this or else i'm gonna jump in there and settle this myself (i wish XD) but still, this is gonna be awesome. Whenever i think about it my heart just wants to explode from joy and excitement. I've never loved an anime and manga so much in my entire life. I just cant freaking wait for the future this series has in store for us!! ^.^

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