The Basis and Explanation of the Subliminally written backstory of, "Attack on TItan."Edit

I think Attack on Titan is a defintely well thought out Showcase of amazing skill in animation and dialouge. Personally, I think the Titans are a spinning mirror images of actualy Humans, we devour each other in our wealth and greed while squishing and squashing others under us, that don't provide any benefit to us surviving. We do all of this completely unneccessarily, normal, middle-class people survive without crushing others beneath them, For the most part, Higher class people, the, "1%" have crushed everyone underneath them to get to where they're at. This show perfectly shows Human Nature to crush and dominate anyone and everyone that may stand in their way(s). I think the Titans are the inner animal of all of us. All of us, one time in our lives, have wanted or have pushed someone out the way, whether it be physically or theoretically, to get what they've wanted. This nature to do this, is the entire basis of what Titans operate on, they don't care about anything that people do to them, they just retaliate without any thought or restraint. To furthermore go into that, Titans ARE Humans, just giant ones. I think the people who made that, have tried to make that subliminely more obvious every episode, whilst having humans being killed off by each and every one of them. *SPOILER ALERT* *SPOILER ALERT* Having found out that Eren can now turn into a Titan, with a flick of his hand, is even more of a page turner and a hook. Eren being concious as a Titan and eating and killing all of the other normal Titans, being an, "Abberant" in Laimens terms, a Rebel, he represents the innovation and creativity in the hierarchy of Human Nature, to not just fit in with everyone else, being this very powerful being, and take over the lesser powerful beings, "Humans" Eren uses his abilities to benefit the UnderDog and not go along with what the other Titans may want. Eren is the entire reason for all of this assumption, he allows me to grab all of the submlinely written content. Eren, I think, is the Key to this whole show. Not only being a Main Character of the show does he promote this but, as well being this over-powerful being and NOT choosing to take over the lesser powerful, does as well show his humbleness.

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