Hey guys, with this months laidback, slow paced, informative chapter, we are given alot of information about titans and there "Likely-Possible Origin", we are also given information about Levi's new squad. The way this chapter progresses and ends, I believe we can safely expect a possible Time-skip next chapter! What are your guys predications on chapter 52? Do you think we'll have a time-skip? If we do have a Time-skip, how long do you think it would be? Is Eren going to redemn himself next chapter from being a little wuss (Getting talked down to by Jean and cleaning like a maid)? Will Erwin still be the commander of the Survey Corps (He looked SHADEY and DODGEY as f*ck in this months chapter, seriously makes you wonder how much he truely knows)? Anyways I rambled on enough, Let me know what you guys think!

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