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    Levi needed to talk to Eren about something . Eren accepted the talk and he and Levi went somewhere private to talk about it . Levi " Eren , Do you remember that time you drank the armor serum at the Reiss Family castle to try and and transform just to get  us out of there ? " . He nods his head saying that he remembers . Filling Levi with only a small fraction of satisfaction . keeping the same face on , Levi discards the conversation and says " Never mind "  . But obviously this left Eren wondering " What Is He Trying To Hide " . * 4 WEEKS LATER * Erwin : " Attention Soldiers ! ". Everybody salutes as the Commander as he says this "We have a new soldier here today . Jyn , Please speak up "

    Jyn takes the stand as he talks about where he co…

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