Levi needed to talk to Eren about something . Eren accepted the talk and he and Levi went somewhere private to talk about it . Levi " Eren , Do you remember that time you drank the armor serum at the Reiss Family castle to try and and transform just to get  us out of there ? " . He nods his head saying that he remembers . Filling Levi with only a small fraction of satisfaction . keeping the same face on , Levi discards the conversation and says " Never mind "  . But obviously this left Eren wondering " What Is He Trying To Hide " . * 4 WEEKS LATER * Erwin : " Attention Soldiers ! ". Everybody salutes as the Commander as he says this "We have a new soldier here today . Jyn , Please speak up "

Jyn takes the stand as he talks about where he comes from and why he is here . He Explains that he lived near the shiganshina district as He watched the titans destroy shiganshina and was immediatly filled with rage as a boy and I uttered these words in memory of the destroyed city " I'll leave nothing behind " . He finished his speech and then headed back so the Commander could take over . He said that he is to be treated with respect , loyalty , Kindness and love . with a stern face he also said " IS THAT CLEAR ! " . He was trained of course , His limit was to the equal of Mikasa . Merely beating Levi . 

Days after his training , He was declared a member of the Levi squad by the commander . Then came a titan threat . It was no ordinary one . It was Bertholt and Reiner In their titan forms . Every squad launched , some where on defense and the others on offense and others were on supplies .WIth Eren turning into a titan  , he was hellbent on destroying Reiner , so he didn't bother hardening . With Jyn watching how hard Eren was being battered , He never held back as he jumped off the wall and transformed into a titan  . Revealing his titan form .  It was similar to Eren's but with no jaggered teeth . Even though It looked like a normal titan It's abilities were not ones to be messed with .  When Jyn looked up he tapped Eren's titan on the shoulder and told him to go help take down the Colosal Titan .

When the Armored Titan Roared , Jyn understood it and replied inside his titan form " I was just about to ask you the same thing " . As he Lands a Square punch on his face with only a shattering noise . 

To Be Continued ...

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