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  • Gourgeist

    Hands down the best chapter of the entire arc. 10/10, possibly a contender for best chapter of the entire series, but that's a debate for some other time. Many Historia feels involving Ymir, Frieda and of course, Eren. I was afraid he was going to die, either him or Historia, but again Isayama proves differently. So much character development and personal admiration for all of the characters in this chapter - apart from Rod, of course. The approach to that in this chapter settles it all, and Historia's true feelings are now revealed and pure awesome.

    This blog post is to note the highlights of the chapter and my thoughts on it. Please be warned, this review contains heavy manga spoilers.


    So, turns out Historia is an atheis…

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  • Gourgeist

    A short but informative chapter, certainly enjoyable and brings a promise for Titans next chapter.

    Turns out that Isayama no longer cares about Kenny, seeing as he's no longer in the way. I certainly expected Kenny to steal the Titan Shifter abilities for himself, despite a plot twist like this not really conforming to Isayama's usual writing style.

    Overall though, I'm pretty disappointed with Kenny as a character, as his "conclusion" shows he is an easily replaceable character. I'm also not really liking the whole Ackerman/mind wipe arc thing, not really relevant to the story. I've always seen the series as more "natural" based, but now it's looking a lot more mystical. I just hope, after this arc, Isayama starts giving us answers. Real one…

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  • Gourgeist

    It's been a busy month for Attack on Titan, most notably with a newly released chapter, newly released OVA, and best of all, the news that there is a second season of the series set for a 2016 release. "Welcome Party" was a refreshingly good chapter, somewhat consistently ever since Chapter 62's treat, too. Please be warned, this review contains heavy manga spoilers.

    A big mystery has finally been revealed. Turns out that the Wall Titans aren't primarily responsible for the creation of the Walls.

    Instead, it appears to be a new mysterious Titan that created all three of them and wiped out humanity's memories completely, apart from Frieda's. I'm still not totally keen on what Rod meant by saying that humanity was being reborn and reborn again,…

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  • Gourgeist

    Chapter 63 was released yesterday, and it's time to write a review. Overall a good chapter, plenty of new details revealed, although at the same time we're still pushed further into the black hole called mystery. We have two new Titan Shifter forms to enjoy, obscene mechanics of torture and a final front. 

    Despite it being a story told by Rod Reiss and not something to directly push the story, we now know of two new Titan Shifter forms—Grisha, who was revealed to be a Shifter last month and Frieda Reiss, who was also speculated to be a Titan Shifter last month. Coined the "mysterious woman", she appeared in Eren and Historia's dreams and has the ability to wipe their memories. She was gathered in the Reiss family chapel and fought with Gris…

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  • Gourgeist

    Who Is The Beast Titan?

    October 5, 2014 by Gourgeist

    Fans have been pondering for quite a while about who the Beast Titan just might be, if it is a Titan Shifter anyway. I'm creating this blog post to knock out possible contenders and reel in others. Be warned before reading: this post contains heavy manga spoilers.

    The Beast Titan is a very abnormal Titan which was first discovered during the Clash of the Titans arc, and has not been seen since. It presumably caused the sudden wave of Titans from the south headed towards Utgard Castle, and is responsible for killing several soldiers before Ymir was revealed to be a Titan Shifter. It was last seen above a tower before disappearing completely.

    As we know, this Titan was unaware and slightly amused that humanity created the 3DMG and "sword-like"…

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