It's been a busy month for Attack on Titan, most notably with a newly released chapter, newly released OVA, and best of all, the news that there is a second season of the series set for a 2016 release. "Welcome Party" was a refreshingly good chapter, somewhat consistently ever since Chapter 62's treat, too. Please be warned, this review contains heavy manga spoilers.

Creator of the Walls

The King erases humanity's memory

Wall Creator

A big mystery has finally been revealed. Turns out that the Wall Titans aren't primarily responsible for the creation of the Walls.

Instead, it appears to be a new mysterious Titan that created all three of them and wiped out humanity's memories completely, apart from Frieda's. I'm still not totally keen on what Rod meant by saying that humanity was being reborn and reborn again, with only one human containing the memories of said erasure, and then never revealing those secrets. This seems to create an additional layer of mystery, implying that this truly isn't the first world that humans and Titans have inhabited. It implies that there may have been generations of humans and Titans before our story.

So almost five new Titan Shifters in the past five chapters? That's cool, I'm always up for more Titans. Overall, very excited to see all of this animated.

Battle under the Reiss Chapel and Kenny's reveal

Levi OVA Gif

3DMG as seen in the first Levi OVA

Something similar between Welcome Party and the No Regrets OVA: Both explore the vast capability of the 3D Maneuver Gear, and both faced with human versus human conflict. I think when the Chapel battle will be animated, it will be strikingly similar to what we saw in No Regrets, and I'm quite excited for that. Not to forget about Levi and Kenny's fight, which will additionally delve into the Anti-Personnel Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear, all set with guns and hooks and new mechanics.
Traute surveys the situation

Reiss Chapel fight

Traute tries to get away from the Survey Corps

Reiss Chapel fight

But yes, this fight was very enjoyable to read. I liked Not-Annie's speech as well, much more interesting character than Kenny will be unfortunately. Not sure whether to think of him as a joke or a threat. He seems to be in the middle, now. Definitely not the best character Isayama has created. Despite the fact that I prefer Not-Annie, I still think she suits the role of a right-hand man much more.

A little worried about Hange's fate. Usually when someone isn't out-right, brutally killed, they're still alive. There have been moments though, that prove that isn't entirely true, such as (of course) when Eren got eaten, when Erwin got his arm bit off, and I'm sure there are others. This might be an isolated case though: it seems quite likely that a main character (loved by fans, too) would have a glorious final fight before dying. It's not in Isayama's nature to do this, but it is still possible.

Watching the No Regrets OVA and reading Welcome Party days apart almost comes off as intentional. Isayama showing off his brilliance in actions scenes, and the animation team doing the same, all fine works of art in their own respect. All in the wake of the announcement of the second season. Hmm...

What makes me angsty about this whole chapter is Kenny's ulterior motive: Wishing to inject himself with the serum and turn into a Titan himself. Rather confusing as well, as it's presented in a light that suggests he might not actually want to anymore, after finding out that he can't beat the Titans alone even if he does. Then again, why would he reveal that he betrayed the man he was serving unless he still holds the intent to kill him? And isn't he a cut-throat, unconcerned with the well-being of humanity? This all suggests that he will probably take his own personal initiative.

Season 2

Roughly a year from now, year and a half, but I'm truly excited. Hopefully a trailer will be released sometime soon. What are you most excited to see animated in 2016?

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