A short but informative chapter, certainly enjoyable and brings a promise for Titans next chapter.

Kenny's Decision

Kenny freeing Eren


Turns out that Isayama no longer cares about Kenny, seeing as he's no longer in the way. I certainly expected Kenny to steal the Titan Shifter abilities for himself, despite a plot twist like this not really conforming to Isayama's usual writing style.

Overall though, I'm pretty disappointed with Kenny as a character, as his "conclusion" shows he is an easily replaceable character. I'm also not really liking the whole Ackerman/mind wipe arc thing, not really relevant to the story. I've always seen the series as more "natural" based, but now it's looking a lot more mystical. I just hope, after this arc, Isayama starts giving us answers. Real ones, anyway.

Eren's Decision

Eren asking Historia to eat him

Eren asking Historia to eat him

Honestly hard to read chapter, seeing as I wouldn't be too surprised if Eren were to die this chapter.

Seeing as Hange is also injured, there's a chance this is all leading up to something and it's not necessarily a sudden plot twist where the main character dies, so hopefully they'll pull through. It's apparent the arc is going to end here, as usually so many dramatic events placed with so little room calls for an ending.

Which is likely where the anime will stop, come Season 2.

Historia's Decision

Finally we're no longer seeing mixed emotions from Historia and rather some actual action. I've never completely valued her as a character, but now I'm rather interested to see what she'll become as a character and her role now in the story. I'm sure everyone is scared for Eren, but I doubt he'll die now, especially considering the original ending Isayama had planned was scratched because it was too gruesome. He'll probably be kept alive now, and plus, we have two Ackermans in the room. I don't think they'll go down without a fight. ;) Either way, I have a feeling someone is going to die this chapter, someone from either side.

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