Since some people are kinda confused with exact dates some events happen, I decided to make a timeline of sorts. The main problem with this timeline is that it's based on the dates the main story gives us, hence, some of these times are speculative because of how dates are treated (eg. a week later, the next year, and so on). Please be aware that I used raw volumes for these timespans, because scanlations are SO FULL OF ERRORS, it's dreadful. I will add more events if necessary.

So, the list of main events is the following:

  1. Mikasa's parents are killed, and she's adopted by the Yeager Family in 844.
  2. In 845, Ymir devours Marcel and regains her human form.
    A few days later (?) Reiner and Bertolt arrive at Wall Maria.
    1. Around 1pm, Grisha leaves his home in Shiganshina because he's summoned to the interior.
    2. Around 6:30pm, Bertolt destroys the outer gate of Shiganshina, and about 30 minutes later, Reiner destroys the second gate, effectively breaching Wall Maria. The Titan trio infiltrates the walls that day.
    3. 5 days after this happens, Historia's mom is killed by some unknown group. Historia is then forced to go into hiding under the name of Krista Lenz.
  3. The survivors of Wall Maria are sent to an expedition to reclaim the wall in 846.
  4. Eren and the others enlist in military training in 847.
  5. They graduate in 850, and the next day following the Night Of The Disbanding Ceremony, the Colossal Titan appears at Trost and destroys the gate.
  6. All the Battle of Trost District happens during the same day:
    1. Bert attacks before lunch, at ~11:45am.
    2. Soldiers regroup and launch a special Colossal Titan tactic at ~12:30pm
    3. Pixis is notified at ~3:00pm
    4. Eren is kill at roughly the same time.
    5. Mikasa gets notified of Eren's death at ~4:00pm
    6. Eren reappears as a Titan at roughly the same time and goes into rampage.
    7. All the trainees get rid of the Titans inside the Trost HQ and Eren emerges from his Titan body at ~5:00pm
    8. Jean and the Titan Trio hand Eren over to Verman at ~6:30pm, same time as Pixis arrives to Wall Rose.
    9. The plan to reconquer Trost is launched at ~7:00pm, and completed at ~8:00pm.
    10. The Survey Corps arrive a while later, around 15 to 30 mins.
    11. Killing all the remaining Titans in Trost takes more than 24 hours, and the cleaning operation starts after that and takes more than a day (we know that two days have passed, because that's when Jean finds Marco's corpse).
  7. Eren wakes up in a dungeon after an unknown amount of time and he's kept there for a few days, until his trial.
  8. Eren is kept with the Survey Corps for a few weeks until the Ceremony in which trainees choose their Military Branch happens.
  9. Roughly a month after the ceremony, they take part of the 57th Expedition Beyond the Walls, which takes less than 1 day:
    1. They go out in the morning, roughly ~9:00am.
    2. They find the Female Titan like half an hour later, and until Reiner pinpoints Eren's location, it takes an extra ~20 minutes.
    3. She rampages her way through the formation from like 10:00am to 12:00pm. We know it's midday, because in the anime, when she kills Darius, the sun is completely up.
    4. She finally finds Eren at the Forest of Giant Trees at 1:00-2:00pm.
    5. She's caught like half an hour inside the forest, and she's kept there for about half an hour more until she calls other Titans to eat her.
    6. About 15 minutes later, Annie shoots a fake regroup signal to lure the Spec Ops towards her.
    7. In a lapse of 5-10 minutes, she kills Gunther and proceeds to transform again. The following battle takes 1-2 minutes to start, until she's blinded by Oluo and Petra.
    8. 30 seconds later, she kills Eld, Petra and Oluo, and Eren transforms and tries to fight her.
    9. Their fight lasts for about 5 more minutes until Annie wins, snatches Eren from the Titan Body and escapes. In less than 5 minutes, Mikasa pursues her until Levi arrives. He takes less than 5 minutes to rescue Eren.
    10. The Survey Corps takes at least 3 hours to regroup and an additional ~2 hours to arrive at Karanese. We know it's about 6:00-7:00pm when they arrive, because in the anime, it's already sunset.
  10. A few days later, Titans are spotted inside Wall Rose. The events of the Clash of the Titans arc happen in a span of two days. Also, Annie's battle at Stohess and eventual capture happens in-between:
    1. Mike spots the Titans at ~9-10am, and sends Thomas to Wall Sina to warn Erwin.
    2. After like half an hour, everyone riding horses is sent in different directions towards the villages. Mike stays at the nearest village fighting Titans, and at ~11:30am the Beast Titan appears and interacts with him. They have a 5-minute interaction and Mike is then killed.
    3. 5 hours after the Titans (~3:00pm - 3:30pm), Sasha arrives at a village in the way to Dauper. She rescues a girl and fights a Titan with a bow and arrows, and after ~20 minutes, she escapes.
      -Around the same time, Erwin's plan to capture Annie happens. It fails, Annie transforms and Eren has to fight her in Stohess.
    4. 7 hours after the Titans (~5:00pm), Ymir and Historia are with Nanaba riding towards the south.
    5. 8 hours after the Titans (~6:00pm), Thomas arrives at Hermiha District and spreads the word about the breach. Pixis gets to know about the situation.
      -Around the same time, Annie is finally captured at Stohess, and the Wall Titan is exposed.
    6. 9 hours after the Titans (~7:00pm), Connie, Bert and Reiner arrive at Ragako. They stay for about 30-50 minutes there and they start heading towards the Wall.
      -At the same time, Rico and Verman are creating a line of defense near Trost.
      -Around the same time, Hannes arrives at the wall and sees no Titans nearby.
      -Eren is resting with Mikasa, Armin and Jean at Stohess.
    7. 11 hours after the Titans (~9:00pm), Gelgar's squad is advancing in total darkness using torches. Bert, Reiner and Connie are with them. They find Nanaba's squad (along with Ymir and Historia) coming in the opposite direction. After a brief talk, the clouds disipate, and they see that they've arrived at Castle Utgard. They go here and have some rest.
      -At this time, Erwin has been summoned by the Mayor of Stohess to respond for the damage caused to the civilian population. Thomas arrives and notifies them of the breach of Wall Rose.
    8. 16 hours after the Titans (~1 - 2am) Eren, along with Hange, Mikasa, Armin, Levi and Pastor Nick, are heading to nearby districts while they discuss what to do with the breach. After seeing the evacuation of Hermiha District, Nick agrees to tell them about Historia Reiss and her importance.
    9. 17 hours after the Titans (~3:00am) Hange's squad starts heading to Castle Utgard. Around this time, Hange starts speculating about Reiner and Bert.
      -Also around this time, Titans start attacking Castle Utgard and the elite soldiers of the Survey Corps must start fighting.
    10. 20 hours after the Titans (~6:00am) the Beast Titan climbs down from Wall Rose and disappears after that. Nanaba and Gelgar run out of gas and blades and are devoured by the Titans ~40 minutes after the Beast Titan leaves.
    11. Around ~7:00am, Ymir jumps from the tower of Castle Utgard, transforms into a Titan and starts fighting. She spends a couple minutes in this, until Historia convinces her to destroy the tower and bury the Titans under the rubble. A couple minutes later (~10), the Titans emerge from the debris and overwhelm her. While she's being eaten, Eren arrives at the scene and rescue Ymir and the rest.
    12. A couple hours later (~12:30pm - 1:30pm), they have arrived at the Wall, and Reiner with Bert reveal their identities to Eren, and Mikasa attacks them. They proceed to transform, and the fight between Eren and the Armored Titan happens.
    13. Eren is defeated after about 1 hour of fighting, and the Titan Shifters escape towards a Forest of Giant Trees, where they try and wait till sunset.
    14. 5+ hours pass and around 6-7pm, they see that the Military has gone in their search. Ymir snatches Historia, Reiner transforms into the Armored Titan, and they escape.
    15. All their fight outside Wall Rose takes about 1 hour, and once the Survey Corps has recovered Eren and Historia, they return to the Wall. Late that night, they arrive at Wall Rose.
  11. One week passes and the new Squad Levi forms. Within that week, Hange realizes that Titans are actually humans and that Titans had actually originated from Ragako Village.
    -Also, in that same week, tension between the population and the Military Police is rising.
  12. On the night Squad Levi arrives at their hideout, Historia talks about her upbringing. She doesn't talk with anyone after that, except some days later when Connie mentions Ymir.

Lolz I went way too much on detail during the last part, but it's because the Clash of Titans arc is very specific.

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