Are we gonna use the official english titles for the manga Chapters by Kodansha USA? We have a list of all the titles up to volume 8 and the latest chapters from 46-50 by Crunchyroll (safe to assume these will be the ones used in future volumes, since they work with the same translators):

  • Volume 1
1: To You, 2000 Years From Now
2: That Day
3: Night Of The Disbanding Ceremony
4: First Battle
  • Volume 2
5: A Dull Glow in the Midst of Despair
6: The World that the Girl Saw
7: Small Blade
8: Roar
9: The Beating of a Heart Can Be Heard
  • Volume 3
Side Story: Captain Levi
10: Where's the Left Arm?
11: Response
12: Icon
13: Wound
  • Volume 4
14: Primitive Desire
15: One by One
16: Necessity
17: Delusions of Strength
18: What Should I Do Now?
  • Volume 5
Side Story: Ilse's Notebook
19: Still Can't See
20: Special Operations Squad
21: Opening the Gate
22: Long-Distance Enemy Scouting Formation
  • Volume 6
23: The Female Titan
24: The Titan Forest
25: Bite
26: The Easy Path
  • Volume 7
27: Erwin Smith
28: Choices and Consequences
29: Crushing Blow
30: Losers
  • Volume 8
31: Grin
32: Mercy
33: Wall
34: Soldiers Dance
  • Others
46: Opening
47: Children
48: Somebody
49: Charge
50: Scream

That's even the proper capitalization for each chapter's name. As a personal opinion, that's a really stupid title for Chapter 24 but, oh well. That's what the official english titles are.

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