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  • JinxTheFunhouse

    To the Attack on Titan Wiki community,

    We have recently created a brand new Discord Server. If you would like to join the server and interact with the staff and community, please click this link:

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  • JinxTheFunhouse

    Happily enough, this is one of those “It’s about time” chapters.  I’m sure I wasn’t the only one that was waiting to see what happened to Hange, actually for a while I thought they had lost a limb. First Erwin, then Hange, then Levi? Thankfully not. Speaking of Erwin it’s about time we saw him again, and it’s about time that we see the newest titan in the series. Historia’s strategy skills really impressed me as well. She picked up on possible cons to Eren’s plan before even Levi did! That’s an achievement. The introduction of another district (its name anyways) is also a high point of this chapter, everyone appreciates when more information about the walls is released. Also, to see Eren’s strong hearted will to give himself to Rod is so i…

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