Happily enough, this is one of those “It’s about time” chapters.  I’m sure I wasn’t the only one that was waiting to see what happened to Hange, actually for a while I thought they had lost a limb. First Erwin, then Hange, then Levi? Thankfully not. Speaking of Erwin it’s about time we saw him again, and it’s about time that we see the newest titan in the series. Historia’s strategy skills really impressed me as well. She picked up on possible cons to Eren’s plan before even Levi did! That’s an achievement. The introduction of another district (its name anyways) is also a high point of this chapter, everyone appreciates when more information about the walls is released. Also, to see Eren’s strong hearted will to give himself to Rod is so impressive! It’s nice to see Eren being something other than angry or sad. If there hasn’t been enough development on Historia’s character, now we’ve gotten even more and that is just fantastic. Getting back to the squad, the Survey Corps, and going within a small district off the wall is so exciting, and I repeat, it’s about time.

This blog post covers the high points of chapter 67 and has my personal review and opinions on it. Be aware that this page contains heavy spoilers.


Page 3
Page 16

EREN. There are some heavy developments in this chapter on him. They’ve finally found a way to harden his titan. Personally I wonder what will happen the next time he transforms, will he be able to harden select parts of his body or will nothing be different? I didn’t see this one coming though, I thought when he crushed that armour jar he would have armour on his titan like Reiner and have a fight with Rod’s titan. Truthfully I think we’ve all been waiting for some type of fight ever since Eren was imprisoned. Another impressing update, Eren was completely serious when he offered to be eaten by Rod’s Titan. Agreeing to walk up to a terrifying, painful death takes some serious resolve and I'm really impressed at his calm demeanour.


Page 18
Page 41

Historia is ridiculously smart. We noticed this right when she shattered the titan serum and flipped over her father. But her strategy skills before facing her Rod as a titan are so impressive, she poked major holes and flaws in Eren and Levi’s plan before even Levi thought of them. That’s a major accomplishment. Historia is also incredibly strong willed, despite crying when she joined the Survey Corps she now walks toward an incredibly dangerous fight, against Levi’s orders that she was told to stay out of combat. Walking toward the ‘biggest’ threat to face humanity yet, and against Captain Levi’s orders takes serious bravery.


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Page 29

Ah Hange, it’s good to see you. Though I am interested to see Hange naming the titan power within Eren the ‘Original Titan’ which I feel will be a big part of the story, it is so odd to see them so dull and tired; that’s understandable though, due to their shoulder wound. Thankfully it looks like Hange got over that wound when they enthusiastically greeted Erwin, Hange’s comedy relief while still being a skilled soldier is refreshing, they’re not some idiot but their severe enthusiasm often makes for a good time in such drastic conditions.


Page 19 (1)

The good doctor wouldn't just slaughter a bunch of children or no reason, and I'm excited to see this new update on his reasoning. The new found fact that there does not have to be a Reiss family member to control the Original Titan power puts even more anticipation on what will be in the Shiganshina basement.


Page 33
Page 34

It’s good to see Erwin again, where has he been for the past few chapters? He doesn't come back with a minor roll either. He’s already mounted a plan to kill Rod Reiss’ titan and as usual, do it in the most convenient way possible. By using the people as bait and anticipating that Rod will break down Wall Sina to get to other citizens, he efficiently ready’s his men for battle while keeping the citizens safety in mind. It almost looks like that’s his right hand on the Garrison soldier’s shoulder in the bottom right of page 34. I'm sure my mind is just playing tricks on me right? It just looks so strange, I have to be wrong.

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