Hello, uh... Yeah, so this is my first blogpost and consider me, cause I don't usually do these kind of things. Alright here goes nothing...

So it is as the title says, upon how long did it take you to finish the first season of Shingeki no Kyojin, minus the OVAs. Also plus what's your experience while watching it?

Here's my struggle (really, I admit it):
As an avid follower of the manga itself before (Yup, two years after the manga was originally release in 2010/ published in 2012 by KODANSHA Comics USA.), even though it's pretty hard to find an official licensed and translated versions, I managed to grasp some of the volumes through online sources (crunchyroll) and paperback purchases (this really cost me a lot!).

Year 2015, while randomly scrolling through Pinterest, I stumbled into some Levi "Shorty" Ackerman pins and decided to search on further more. Through diving into the deepest searches of the web, stupid me, only found out that an anime adaptation is already on the run. Well, except for me, my sister already knew about the anime (not the manga) months just after it's airing, officialy subbed from FUNimation, and didn't even dared to watch it.

Late October, me and my other siblings were cracking up some jokes about Commander Smith's eyebrows and stating that my younger brother is even taller than Levi (...sorry XD). Much to Dad's irritation of hearing a lot Snk stuff around the house, on one Family Get-Together, he insisted to watch the anime we have been drabbling about.

Well, I'm a bit off upon watching the anime at first because of the manga. (Of course, not knowing that it isn't even Canon to the manga). What's more surprising is that it's a familiy, FAMILY! get together. All of us in front of the TV screen, with Guren no Yumiya playing, introducing the first episode. While Mom and Granny makes those "urgghh.." noises in the background and my siblings gaping like a fish, I'm here in the kitchen island, manga on hand, and shooking my head in disbelief.

And in just one day, ONE WHOLE DAY! We've finished the whole exposure to blood and gore. Luckily for us, didn't bother to go to school, since that we're all homeschooled. They all went to sleep as for me, I think "sleep" escaped from my vocabulary of things to comply.

The Aftermath:
Well the next day, didn't came out as expected. In the dining session of what we humans call "breakfast", Dad started to pinpoint the flaws of the anime. My youngest sister which is only 8, started drawing fan-arts (chibi) of Yaeger and Levi together (*coughs*shipping...). My younger brother starts annoying me with his own theories of Titans and my other sister next to me is reading Chapters of the First Volume of the Snk manga. Did I just woke up in an another universe, what's going on?

I know this is kinda long, but I did really have fun writing this (not mentioning, I almost fell off my chair, laughing at my own "trash" writing).

SOoooo here are some questions:
Which was the first one you saw, the manga or the anime?
Did you watched the anime all by yourself or with company?
How long did it take you to finish watching the anime (title stated)?

Don't be shy and share your experiences, I guarantee it will be interesting!!

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