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  • KiruSama

    Now i see a lot of mixed feelings with the new opening for season 2 Shinzou Wo Sasageyo and which opening was the best one and i'd ike to know what you think of it and which of the three openings you like the most and why?

    The first opening, Guren no Yumiya is really good, but after time i think the song has gotten a little stale though the visuals still looks amazing.

    The second opening was amazing, i'd like to see some more titans and gore in the intro but it worked out. I also really enjoyed the song (Jiyuu no Tsubasa) 

    For me personally i didn't like the new intro at first but it quickly grew on me, emphasis on quickly. I always get the chills while watching it exactly at the 1 minute mark where the music gets super intense and all hell b…

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  • KiruSama

    This will be devided in 2 pieces, first part is what the Attack on Titan story has done to me personally and probabely a lot of other people, the second part is the fandom and how most of it makes AoT look bad for outsiders (people who haven't seen or read any AoT)

    Honestly, the characters in AoT are awesome and relatable, their character development is on point and so on. Even characters like Erwin, Hanji, Jean and so on, whom doesn't have nearly as much screen time as other characters like Eren, Levi, Mikasa and Armin are being loved to death by fans. This causes some-to-much pain to the reader when their favorite character is brutally killed. If they kill Levi i bet a lot of the AoT community would go ape.

    When i play the new AoT game im …

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  • KiruSama

    How fast IS Levi??

    July 2, 2016 by KiruSama

    Hey everyone, something that's had me thinking since the day i saw Levi in action was How fast is he?

    in volume 7 of the AoT manga Levi is fighting the Female titan, he uses the enormous trees in the area to sneak up behind the Female titan, however she notices this and unleashes a right cross as she turns around. Levi just barely evades it, and then goes on to roll up her arm, doing so, cutting her arm multiple times in the process.

    This is incredible, the way he reacts and takes action fitting for the situation in just seconds! maybe not even that.

    Levi is about 13-15 meters behind the female titan, and assuming Levi used his 3DMG to its fullest, Levi's body would've been moving at a speed of 150-165km/h (100miles pr hour) when he dodges the…

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  • KiruSama

    Vote poll

    March 17, 2016 by KiruSama

    This is just my opinion but the voting poll this month on of the things you could vote on was Eren will awaken the Coordinate and turn their own army against them seems kind of impossible?? I mean it would be cool and all but how? Aren't all the titans surrounding them intelligent? Seems like it to me as they know exactly what to do and when. like when they all appeared at the same time.

    Or have i missed something important like Eren's coordinate can turn shifters as well?

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  • KiruSama

    Soeh, to change the subject, last chapter was cool and all, if you haven't read it yet, go do so.

    Anyone getting the Attack on Titan Game for any of the PS systems? If you are, do you preorder the Japanese copy or wait til World release? 

    We all want the game to have Multiplayer or Co-op, kill titans with friends and just have a good time, so what are your thoughts on KT being so quiet about it? They havent said a word about multiplayer yet... Sadly. DLC maybe? Who knows. Still. was pretty damn awesome seeing Levi in full 3D and still maintain the anime/manga look (as i know it's hard) I am really exited about this game, think about it everyday.

    Click here for more information about the game, see some trailers and watch the artwork. ect...


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