This will be devided in 2 pieces, first part is what the Attack on Titan story has done to me personally and probabely a lot of other people, the second part is the fandom and how most of it makes AoT look bad for outsiders (people who haven't seen or read any AoT)

Honestly, the characters in AoT are awesome and relatable, their character development is on point and so on. Even characters like Erwin, Hanji, Jean and so on, whom doesn't have nearly as much screen time as other characters like Eren, Levi, Mikasa and Armin are being loved to death by fans. This causes some-to-much pain to the reader when their favorite character is brutally killed. If they kill Levi i bet a lot of the AoT community would go ape.

When i play the new AoT game im always left to choose which character i want to play as, i look at Erwin and think to myself Erwin is now dead... IN HONOR OF ERWIN i will play as him this time only to slowly scroll back to Levi (cuz Levi is bae and my love) and feel bad when i play.

Honestly if you don't know what the cancer of the AoT community is, go to Instagram or Reddit for a few hours and come back. Honestly most of it is bad puns like Marco's Half way there and weird ships that only a small portion of the community likes like Ereri, Jean x Marco and Bertl x Reiner. Also there's this part that make up weird theories like how Levi's cravat is a torn piece of his dead mother's skirt, that make no sense btw. and if you try to correct them with facts we've already got you get cancer replies and hate.

I remember telling my friend about AoT and the first he said was Isn't that the hentai with all the gay couples and the giant humans 

i asked How and why he related AoT to that and he said, Ive watched the first episodes, only to be bombarded with homesexual erotica

Feel free to share your thoughts on the subject in the comments below. 

Plz no h8, and plz don8.

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