Soeh, to change the subject, last chapter was cool and all, if you haven't read it yet, go do so.

Anyone getting the Attack on Titan Game for any of the PS systems? If you are, do you preorder the Japanese copy or wait til World release? 

We all want the game to have Multiplayer or Co-op, kill titans with friends and just have a good time, so what are your thoughts on KT being so quiet about it? They havent said a word about multiplayer yet... Sadly. DLC maybe? Who knows. Still. was pretty damn awesome seeing Levi in full 3D and still maintain the anime/manga look (as i know it's hard) I am really exited about this game, think about it everyday.

Click here for more information about the game, see some trailers and watch the artwork. ect...


The game has a bad reputation for being easy, which is half true. The levels are difficulty ranked with stars (goes up to 9) on easy mode.

When you 100% beat the story mode in easy, you will then unlock Hard mode, which has a difficulty level of maximum 18 stars. Mostly you will see that the total damage you have to do on a titan is much bigger, Your gas goes down 2.5x faster i believe, and the total amount of titans will heavily increase.

And more..

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